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Real-Estate What Omr is to Chennai south , Anna Nagar and Arumbakkam are to Chennai north in Chennai realty! Anna Nagar and Arumbakkam have majority share hold in to sell as well as buy property in Chennai north . Anna Nagar and Arumbakkam are a part of what is locally referred to us New Chennai . Since development of property in central Chennai is hindered by high prices and lack of space . Builders and Home buyers have turned their attention to New Chennai . Dont mistake Anna Nagar and Arumbakkam to be some developing areas with shrubs and bushes , it is highly developed with everything anybody would need . As GST road boasts of the airport , Anna Nagar and Arumbakkam have the CMBT , the largest bus bay in whole of Asia , CMBT has buses to all of India . And Central station and Egmore arent very far away either . Anna Nagar and Arumbakkam also boasts of multiplexes , hospitals , fashion and electronic boulevard and most important of all has a huge concentration of restaurants to satisfy everybodys hunger pangs . One more major attraction which Anna Nagar boasts of is the large number of quality educational institutions in close proximity . So home buyers with school going and college going lads prefer Anna Nagar . Homes in Anna Nagar and Arumbakkam typically have area ranging from 758 to 3640 sq ft . Major builders in Anna Nagar and Arumbakkam are Ozone Group , Newry properties , India Builders , KGEYES residency pvt ltd , Arihant foundations , Casa Grande pvt Ltd and Mehta Havens . Ozone group has a huge gated .munity .ing up , with the all the amenities u can think of. Ozone has the largest built up area among the builders .Casa grande , newry and Kgeyes also provide apartments with similar amenities . The price per Sq ft ranges from 6500 to 14500 rupees . The average rate per sq ft is 10500 rupees. It might look a bit high but in terms of investment its totally worth it . The best price per Sq ft is rupess 10000 which is similar to the average price . The least price cannot be considered the best because it should involve location and amenities to it . So people looking for bang on investment and .fortable living should look no further from Anna Nagar and Arumbakkam . Happy Buying Property in Chennai. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: