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The disease during pregnancy have | pregnancy hemorrhoids, Zezheng ah – Sohu health had never been pregnant, always think that pregnancy is very happy, popular hot drink, but been pregnant during pregnancy is a painful ah, think about all that was blue thin, letinous edodes. The thing is too afraid of pregnancy, pregnant women are at high risk of hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, many pregnant mom will appear hemorrhoids, originally for normal people, there are "nine ten hemorrhoids", so the possibility of pregnant mom suffering from hemorrhoids is very high. Today, we follow dove, to see the terrible pregnancy hemorrhoids! The 1 reason pregnant mom suffering from hemorrhoids after pregnancy, weight will reduce the activities of quasi hemp, which would cause the gastrointestinal peristalsis slows down. 2 late pregnancy, your baby gradually become larger, will squeeze the hemp intestine to pregnancy, intestinal muscle weakness. These two cases are the result of pregnant mom constipation, constipation and intestinal will cause poor blood supply, when we, poo slightly hard, make abdominal pressure, cause hemorrhoid venous dilatation, formation of hemorrhoids. The performance of pregnancy hemorrhoids hemorrhoids during pregnancy had blood in the stool, after blood, anal tenesmus, anal itching, swelling and pain. Gestational hemorrhoids harm 1 cause anemia during pregnancy. If pregnant mom, hemorrhoids serious, repeated hemorrhage, easily cause anemia during pregnancy, so as to endanger the health of pregnant mom and Tai Baobao. Pregnancy anemia also appear dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath and other symptoms, but also affect the development of the birth of the baby in the womb, may lead to fetal growth retardation, premature babies, and even death. 2 increase the burden of pregnant mom. When hemorrhoids development to a certain extent, is pregnant mom in coughing, laughing, walking time, abdominal pressure will rise, will lead to hemorrhoids prolapse or valgus, brought great suffering to the pregnant mother. Gestational hemorrhoids need to prevent 1 diet. Eat more food containing cellulose rich, such as celery, cabbage, spinach, agaric, apple, banana and so on; eat slightly containing fat foods, such as sesame, walnut, peanut and so on; good digestion, eat less fried, spicy food, such as pepper, ginger, garlic, pepper and so on. 2 movement regulation. I can no pregnancy after a meal for a walk, do some pregnant women exercise, try not to sit too long time. Pregnant mom can also use the levator ani movement to alleviate hemorrhoids, insist every day oh. 3 develop good bowel habits. Pregnant mom can according to their own situation, defecation time, the toilet is the best squatting type, each defecation time should not be too long. Dove reminder: hemorrhoids pregnant mom not to use, so as not to injure our baby during pregnancy, many piles can be recovered in the production of oh. < > recommended reading; when pregnant with stomachache, 90% pregnant mom improper treatment of edema during pregnancy how to break? Dove doctor for pregnant mom weapon! "I * * * click below to read the text" into the dove parenting community doctor!相关的主题文章: