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Popular villa market not only has when deeply attached [Abstract] Maybe you are to witness the improvement in demand blowout outbreak, to enhance the quality of the villa itself, by exhaustedly to the hot, Beijing villa market experienced the change? Beijing villa, has been a relatively small market, not only because of the special, its product price more expensive, because of its extremely scarce supply. At the beginning of 2016, Beijing’s real estate market ushered in the first year of luxury, it can be said that behind the Beijing villa sales blowout, both demand push up, there is no lack of support for the upgrading of the villa products. By hot exhaustedly to the Beijing villa market experienced the change? This year, the villa was an anti cold market turnover of the norm, but unusually hot, the current sales of the villa market has hit a record high. In previous years, Beijing villa in the first 8 months of trading volume, however, the number of sets of 2 thousand, and this year’s contract volume has reached as high as 4521 units, and even beyond the level of sales in 2009 the most accommodative policies in the most relaxed period of time in. Improve the quality improvement of housing demand blowout outbreak accelerate with the prices of new homes in Beijing rose up, just need to have quietly receded, two children fully liberalized, more reminders or a new round of home improvement needs, is king of the era has arrived. Heavy pressure developers face the market, constantly upgrade products, strengthening the details of life, to build the quality of service, in addition to the area to improve the rigid home demand pull, and stimulate the part of the customer base to enhance the quality of life based on the demands of the ownership. Superposition of the two, to improve the demand has become the backbone of the property market this year. Villa, just to meet the improvement of the customer base for the improvement of the area and improve the quality of the dual requirements, while providing a flat floor apartment is not the same way of life, constitutes a prerequisite for selling hot. So the question is central villa villa, which is suitable for you the whole Beijing villa market is still small, we decided to Amway several from the central villa district, the quality of real estate, whether you are holding what kind of attitude, think small advertising or is true, small have Amway. Page second: Beichen · 1900 villa homes (real estate information) (Wang Zun Park), price to be determined, Shunyi District City Shun Hing Street No. 11 hospital at the Statue Garden, Tel: 400-819-1111 644888. Page third: COFCO · Rui Fu (real estate information), the lowest 39 million yuan, Chaoyang District Xiangjiang North Road 1500 meters north, Tel: 400-819-1111 118185. Page fourth: COFCO · auspicious clouds International Plaza (real estate information), the average price of 25 million yuan, Shunyi District B Airport Industrial Park on the north side of Anxiang street, Tel: 400-819-1111 610637. Fifth page: view of the villa (real estate information), a minimum of $25 million sets, Shunyi District, Korea camp in the town of Zhuang village, Tel: 400-819-1111 to 638888. Page sixth: Hengda Palace (real estate information), the lowest 70 million yuan, the airport expressway and Jingshunlu between Tianzhu plate, Tel: 400-81相关的主题文章: