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"Pomazhangfei" northeast past overseas gains two Golden Dragon Award – Sohu   entertainment director Guo Lei; Ma Li both winning Sohu entertainment news Sydney local time on November 19th at the eighth session of the international Chinese Film Festival Awards ceremony, hilarious comedy film "northeast past Pomazhangfei" twice, director Guo Dalei and actress Ma Li were awarded the "best new director award" and "the most popular actress award". Director Guo Dalei Prize Speech thank you for all the film backstage pay, finally thank the organizing committee recommended also quipped, although you don’t know what I’m saying northeast words". Ma Li to thank the organizing committee when the speech, "the most popular actress award, is my greatest affirmation, thank you recognition, let me move." The movie "northeast past Pomazhangfei" directed by Guo Dalei, starring Jia Nailiang, Ma Li, will be released in February 10, 2017. The film tells the story of several different characters in Northeast Hongkong youth, accidentally fall into the trap and villain, dissension, gangster lianhuanji, etc. a series of routines, with their wits hilarious comedy. Comedy people brought together North and South Guo Lei shouted "lucky" sponsored by the Organizing Committee of the international Chinese film, in support of the Australian government’s Australia International Chinese Film Festival every year to select Chinese and other countries the introduction of more than and 20 new excellent films show tens of thousands of Chinese and Australian audience. Guo Lei with the movie "northeast past Pomazhangfei" won the "best new director award" is the Chinese movie its international influence and recognition has been widely recognized by the performance. The movie "northeast past Pomazhangfei" in the mainland in addition to outside shooting, had also traveled to Hongkong shooting. Bold mix of comedy movies from north to south, the collision of cultural differences of humorous, in addition to Jia Nailiang, Ma Li and other people in the Northeast interpretation, more Wang Xun, and Eric Tsang Jin Shijie on both sides of the three gold medal comic portrait of joining, director Guo Dalei also shouted "lucky".   Ma Li won the "most popular actress award" by Ma Li "flicker" become the most popular actress to get the international Chinese Film Festival "the most popular actress" award, Ma Li said: "thank you all together together every director, actors and staff, director Guo Dalei, our team is the best." Directed by Guo Dalei’s comedy film "northeast past Pomazhangfei" is Ma Li following the "Sherlock worry" blocked "comedy Queen" after a comedy works. At first he was Ma Li ridicule Guo guide "Huyou" shangliaozeichuan, but in director Guo Dalei Ma Li’s view, is the irreplaceable actress: "four years ago I was watching Ma Li’s essay" super happy "feel the tension of insole, comedy actor is too strong, we’ll see. Face talk" Pomazhangfei "northeast past 1 female role. The middle three years because has been polished script has not settled before the shooting, Ma Li still think is the most suitable candidate, to determine the fate of this very cooperative." The movie "northeast past Pomazhangfei" directed by Guo Dalei, Jia Nailiang, Ma Li.相关的主题文章: