Photos Xiong Dailin wedding show not used when not too Guo wedding incubus

Photos: Xiong Dailin wedding show not used when not too Guo wedding visual Chinese news Xiong Dailin (Lynn) and the family sitting on billions of assets Kenix Kwok Brother Guo song dating for more than a year, two people on the first month of the paper to apply for registration, until the October 27th Lynn surprise ceremony at the micro-blog announcement has been completed and wrote: "we got married the". In the photo, Lynn wore a simple white dress, holding her husband’s hand and smiling, officially became "tens of billions of customers". October 28th late, Lynn with a red dress to attend the car brand, the left hand with a wedding ring she said she has not yet accustomed to being called Guo too, now feeling a bit nervous, but also choose the wedding ring together with her husband. Asked whether the plan suddenly announced the good news, Lynn said a few days ago are temporary husband asked: "why don’t we go to the register, I do not know what time to wait." When asked what go through the wedding, Lynn said: "not, should eat even one family (save time to make one? No, there is no time for work, the children as soon as possible (can also urge you? I want them too, and I have sons and daughters." Mentioned refers to Lynn in love one day before Aaron Kwok announced the good news, she bluntly do not want to answer about him, we all find their happiness, the past is gone, he also forgot his birthday.相关的主题文章: