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Home-Securtiy We all know that winter season is one of the most expensive times of year. This is where electric bills are getting high due to everyday use of electric home heaters, maintenance expenses especially those from traditional fireplaces are increasing like crazy, time to time use of gas range or microwave oven to reheat foods and all others are just some of the most .mon things that makes our expenses exuberantly high during this cold season of the year. 1. Make sure to cook foods during "intra" dinner time and not before "" if you wanted to save some gas or electricity by avoiding frequent food reheats, prepare and cook meals not before you eat but in the time of the meal. Make sure to prepare the meal one hour before you eat to maintain the temperature of the food hot keeping it warm while you eat. 2. Keep things away from your home heating vents "" if you have home heating vents installed at home, blocking this area will do no good on your home heating objectives. Even if you light up that fireplace but cabinets and or drawers are blocking the heating vents, the hot air will still be trapped inside the fireplace. To effectively distribute the warm air, make sure that all heating vents are open. 3. Use wood pellets instead of wood logs "" if you wanted to use your traditional fireplace to heat up your home effectively, instead of using wood logs that can leave tons of ashes when burned, use wood pellets instead like those on Pellet Systems International. Wood pellets can bring you the same quality heat at a fraction of its cost plus the little to no ashes at all. 4. Allow sunlight to .e in "" it is also very wise to open blinds and curtains during a sunny day to allow light to .e in. Sunlight can give heat and warm into your room so open those blinds and curtains when Mr. Sun is about to .e out. Do not forget to close all curtains and blinds after the sunny time of the day to block cold air from .ing in. 5. Heat only the first floor of your room "" always remember that hot air rises, therefore heating the first floor of the room is all you need to heat up the entire house. If you try to heat the second floor of your house, the tendency will be the hot air will rise up to the ceiling were no one else is there to benefit from its .fort. Always remember that heating up your homes during the cold season of the year can be easy, affordable and convenient by simply following the above tips and tricks. Visit Pellet Systems International for more information. Always utilize these tips and tricks and rest assured that a warm home during this cold season of the year is very much possible to achieve. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: