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Passionate Miao, tired soul habitat home – Sohu tourism we all want to go the distance, with inner expectations, to touch the skies, feel less known by the world culture, let yourself drunk in the distant sky. The Xijiang River by more than ten hillside connected into natural villages, is the largest and the world inhabited by China Miao village. It is a place to appreciate and understand the long history and development of the Miao Nationality in china. Qianhu Miao village, 1000 Miao amorous feelings on the highest rate it is night, bright lights. I was in the clouds in the picture, on the morning of the Miao village of love at first sight, it is more like a wake up in the morning just plain beauty, fresh and moving. On the brown stone, in the world’s largest Miao village, feel the original national culture, well-proportioned tiles and wooden paddy fields, Xijiang Miao village is the most memorable. Such a vision of a better life, wearing on the body, written in the face. I think this day, Miao woman is the most beautiful, the most happy. The river in front of the house quiet running, without worldly influence, climb the slope, bypassing obstacles in time inadvertently to the distance. Cloud, smoke, Miao Miao village in the mist in the integral whole, hidden, dreamlike, immortal mirror people said, this time I feel. Looking at the quiet village, listening to the sound of water. The Xijiang River, a beautiful dream and wandering in the village people in the misty trace of smoke, long spread, filled the beautiful Xijiang Miao village, floating in the air to dinner fragrance, mingled with the soil and forest village fragrance, intoxicated people. Miao Qiandongnan originated during the period of emperor " nine " ", Yao and Shun period; Sanmiao ". Chi You is the ancient times nine Li tribe, is recognized as the ancestor of Miao nationality. Chi You was defeated after Yan, Yan Emperor and Yellow Emperor together, fought with Chi You in Zhuolu. The battle of Zhuolu " ", Chi You died, his people into the part of Huangdi tribe, gradually migrated to many parts of the country and even the world. At the height overlooking the Miao, Miao ancestors really admire the wisdom of this village construction site. A large number of village houses, relying on the two seat slowly hillside, layer upon layer, in order to build. The river such as green ribbon, from the village at the foot of slowly flows, shine in the sun, like a luxurious dress to Miao Miao, added enchanting charm. In such a fantasy world, if you want me to give a way of expression, jumped into my mind, is the form of ink. Qianhu Miao village, the ancient dreamlike dream is like a roll of ink painting, in my eyes, they outline with fine lines, one is so beautiful, vivid and delicate that image. You see these ancient vicissitudes of life, these simple natural, deep and long. Because of this, I make time travel, as if to enter one of the most simple to the most pure land of idyllic beauty. I sigh for these clever natural brushwork. Rice wine, pickled vegetables, rice cake, big table, Gui Fengtang…… Also to wait相关的主题文章: