Characteristics of the major compounds of sodium|Characteristics of the major compounds of sodium

of sodium peroxide

chemical formula Na2O2, light yellow powder, density 2.805g/cm3. It has strong oxidation, in the molten state encountered cotton, carbon powder, aluminum powder and other reducing substances will explode. Therefore, should pay attention to the safety of storage, can not contact with flammable materials. It is easy to absorb moisture, in case of water or CO2 will react to generate oxygen. It is insoluble in ethanol, and carbon dioxide in the air and release oxygen, commonly used in the absence of air situation, such as mines, tunnels, diving, spacecraft and so on, will further change people exhaled carbon dioxide to oxygen, for people to breathe in. Sodium peroxide is commonly used in industry as a bleaching agent, disinfectant, disinfectant, deodorant, oxidant etc.. Usually in dry air free of carbon dioxide in the flow of sodium metal is heated to 300 DEG C to produce sodium peroxide. Because it is easy to deliquescence, easy and carbon dioxide reaction, must be stored in sealed containers.

sodium chloride

commonly known as salt, is a colorless cubic crystal or white crystal. Density 2.165g/cm3. Melting point 801. Boiling point 1413. Soluble in water, glycerin, slightly soluble in ethanol, ammonia. Insoluble in hydrochloric acid. The slight deliquescence in the air. By the sea water (containing an average of 2.4% sodium chloride) introduced by sun drying, salt, concentration and crystallization, prepared crude. It will be water, steam heating, sand filter, concentrated by ion exchange membrane electrodialysis, get salt (sodium chloride containing 160 ~ 180g/L) by evaporation precipitation of bittern gypsum, centrifugal separation, preparation of sodium chloride 95% (2% moisture) after drying can be made of salt (table  salt). Can also be used as raw materials, salt Saline Lake brine, after sun drying, preparation of crude salt. Underground brine and salt as raw material, through three or four effect evaporation, crystallization, centrifugal separation system. Used in the manufacture of soda and caustic soda and other chemical products, ore smelting. Food industry and fisheries for salt, but also can be used as raw materials and refined salt seasoning salt.

sodium hydroxide

commonly known as caustic soda, caustic soda, caustic soda, caustic soda. Pure anhydrous sodium hydroxide is white, translucent, crystalline solid. Sodium hydroxide is very soluble in water, the solubility increases with the increase of temperature, the dissolution can release a lot of heat, 288K its saturated solution concentration of up to 26.4mol/L (1:1). Its water solution is astringent and soapy, in alkaline solution, with all the characteristics of alkali. Commercially available caustic soda has two kinds: solid and liquid: pure solid caustic soda is white, there are massive, flake, stick, granular, brittle; pure liquid caustic soda is colorless transparent liquid. Sodium hydroxide is easily soluble in ethanol and glycerol; but insoluble in ether, acetone, ammonia. To the fiber, the skin, the glass, the ceramics and so on has the corrosion function, the solution or the concentrated solution dilution can release the heat

Vacuum glass reaction kettle|Vacuum glass reaction kettle

The introduction of

vacuum glass reaction kettle

glass vacuum reactor for double glass design, the inner into the reaction solvent can be stirred, cold and heat source on the interlayer can be different (frozen liquid, hot water or hot oil circulating heating or cooling the reaction). Under the condition of setting temperature, in an airtight glass reactor, under stirring reaction at atmospheric pressure or negative pressure under the conditions of use requirements, and can do the reflux and the reaction solution is distilled, the modern fine chemical plant, ideal bio pharmaceutical and synthesis of new materials in the test and production equipment.

characteristics of

vacuum glass reaction kettle

1.            variable frequency speed regulation, AC induction motor. Speed constant, no brush, no spark, safe and stable, can work continuously.

2.            full set of glass instruments using GG17 high boron silicon glass production, have good chemical and physical properties.

3.            glass interlayer interface on hot oil circulation, can be used for heating reaction through freezing liquid reaction at low temperature can be.

4.            can react at room temperature, on tap water that is able to quickly reflect the heat away.


5.          lower material mouth with flange mouth and PTFE valve, no dead angle in the container, easy to remove the material from the solid material.

6.            four reactor cover, large mouth design easy to clean, can choose the standard socket assembly reflux distillation synthesis device.