It is time to eat seafood seafood market season need to pay attention to the 3 taboos

It is time to eat seafood seafood season should pay attention to the health of the 3 taboos when eating seafood should pay more attention to some taboos, only in this way can be more healthy to eat seafood. Now, it is a variety of seafood market season, here is a look at how to eat seafood is the most healthy bar. The nutritional value of seafood smoked and salted raw salmon salmon. Omega 3 fatty acid content is extremely high, contribute to age-related macular degeneration patients eyesight protection. However, the higher sodium content, 85 grams can provide daily sodium demand of 20%. Note: high blood pressure patients should not eat too much. Crab. Rich in protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, selenium, chromium, calcium, copper and a large amount of zinc. Omega 3 fatty acids help prevent arthritis, reduce blood pressure. Low calorie, less saturated fat, beneficial to heart health. Note: Patients with high cholesterol can only eat occasionally. Squid. Containing protein and omega 3 fatty acids, copper, zinc, vitamin B and iodine. B vitamins help alleviate migraine, phosphorus helps calcium absorption. 100 grams squid only 70 thousand calories. Note: do not eat more than a daily amount of a fist, it is best not to eat fried. Mussel. Rich in selenium, iron, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B, iodine and zinc. Eat mussels beneficial thyroid health. Note: 1 small bowl of mussels can satisfy a day of vitamin B12 and iodine demand demand, half. But pregnant women try not to eat. Scallop. Rich in protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B, magnesium and potassium, low in calories and saturated fat. Eating scallops helps prevent heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. Note: compared with other seafood energy is higher, weight loss should be appropriate to eat. Shrimp, crayfish, shrimp. Contain a lot of vitamin B12. At the same time rich in zinc, iodine and selenium, low calorie and fat. Note: high cholesterol content, high cholesterol should not be excessive consumption. Lobster. Rich in iodine, selenium, vitamin B, vitamin E and healthy protein. Lower cholesterol and lower heat. 150 grams of lobster meat containing 33 grams of protein. Note: high cholesterol crowd can only occasionally eat. So, what is the need to pay attention to eating seafood? Eat seafood taboo after eating seafood long stone. Eat seafood should not drink the truth and should not eat fruit similar reasons. Because tea contains tannic acid, can also form insoluble calcium and calcium in seafood. Eat seafood in the seafood before or after, will increase the chance of the combination of calcium and tannic acid. Therefore, it is best not to drink tea when eating seafood. Similarly, the best interval of 2 hours or more. The ice can not eat boiled shrimp. Any seafood are only at the height of the fresh state made steamed, boiled dishes and the like. Seafood and meat are different, they have a lot of bacteria in the body with low temperature, and protein decomposition is particularly fast. If placed in the refrigerator for a long time, shrimp bacterial content increased, protein has been partiallydenatured produce amines, no matter what is not up to the taste, flavor and safety of live shrimp, of course, is not suitable for eating boiled. However, the high temperature of chilled shrimp can be fried or fried, also can appear.相关的主题文章:

Sohu homemade device spirit held a press conference on November 16th in Sohu Video Online – China Ne ca1477

Sohu homemade "spirit" held a press conference on November 16th at the Sohu Video Online – new network, November 15, Xinhua, 14, the city of fantasy hero network drama "device spirit" held a press conference. The play by the Sohu and the billion odd video entertainment CO produced, directed, CO director Guo Huizhong third overall work creation. The general manager of Sohu, Sohu Television Center video copyright mark video market and content operations center senior director Zhang Pingyu, Yi Qi entertainment CEO& "is the spirit", "executive producer Tian Chuan is the spirit" producer Liu Mingli, director, CO director Guo Huizhong and third Yuchang, Sun Peng Xuening starring such a public debut release. The play will be held on November 16th, every Wednesday, four zeros in the online video update Sohu, Gold members can watch more episodes in advance. At the press conference, Marco bluntly to the level of the domestic network drama speed upgrade again, based on the two dimensional rendering of a three dimensional image of the world. "Spirit" is the cast appeared together open a new chapter in the oratorio dimension before exposed "is the spirit" pilot set to get nearly 70 million play impressive achievements, the audience marveled at this new dimension oratorio at the same time, also looking forward to the story behind the text. In today’s press conference, "is the spirit" in Peng Yuchang, Sun Xuening, Liu Qi, Tong, Itami aliee cocoa, Yun GA, Carter, Dong Qi, Weng Yi Yang, Wang Guanpeng ten starring collective appearance, was remarkable, they not only divided into two group interactive games to mobilize the scene atmosphere, but also with the audience in advance share this "breakthrough dimensional wall" network drama highlights. "Ling" is about the ancient weapon into humanoid articles Ling division on full combat mode, a thousand years is the spirit contest officially kicked off at the press conference, the Sohu video also officially exposed the ultimate trailer of the play, every teacher and his spirit is Ling are fighting for love. It lasted for thousands of years of war between people who will win, and the spirit of how complex emotions have become "highlights" is the spirit of the. It is reported that, as the original video Sohu 2016 blockbuster, the device spirit from onwards every Wednesday, four zero line update, Gold members can watch more episodes in advance. "Spirit" is to create a world view video network drama have a unique style of Sohu play two or three dimension according to the Sohu video creative team, "spirit" is creatively put forward the concept of network drama in the world have a unique style, the style of production is leading the domestic network drama, the first to try the American model, formally launched in just one month before release the pilot special, compact plot and cool fighting effects also let the audience hooked the preview, let the audience be super network drama this science fiction, suspense, action and other elements of the firm to attract. As " IP " symbiotic system; strategy of the first works, a video Sohu try to bring you find everything fresh and new feeling, director of third joint director Guo Huizhong said at the press conference, "Ling" is nowadays the most popular " two dimensional " enlarge the " theme, common animation works; anthropomorphic weapon.相关的主题文章:

Mild fatty liver to eat these foods can improve freelander2

Mild fatty liver to eat these foods can improve mild fatty liver patients must pay more attention to diet, but can not completely better according to the patient to determine, diet is a relatively slow process, in this process is likely due to the negligence of liver injury patients, leading to disease aggravated. Mainly includes the following points: 1, mild fatty liver should pay attention to the control of caloric intake, in order to make the liver cells in the gradual oxidation of fat. Under normal circumstances, the amount of heat per kilogram of body weight is about 83~104.6 kj. 2, mild fatty liver patients to limit the intake of fat and carbohydrates, per kilogram of body weight per day can supply 0.5~0.8 grams of fat, and should choose vegetable oil or unsaturated fatty acids containing food. The amount of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight per day should be controlled at 2~4 grams. 3, mild fatty liver should always pay attention to eat high protein diet and fresh vegetables. High protein foods can protect the liver cells, and can promote the repair and regeneration of liver cells, is conducive to the rehabilitation of patients, protein rich foods include meat, fish, shrimp, poultry, dairy and soy products, fresh vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables can meet the needs of the body’s vitamin, but should not eat with many vegetables and fruit sugar. 4, mild fatty liver patients usually can eat more foods containing methionine rich foods, such as millet, sesame, rape, spinach, scallops, mussels, these foods can promote the in vivo synthesis of phospholipids, the conversion of fatty liver cells. 5, mild fatty liver patients to moderate drinking water, in order to promote the body metabolism and waste excretion. In addition, mild fatty liver should avoid spicy and pungent foods, such as onions, garlic, pepper, coffee and wine etc.. Experts remind that, if they have a mild fatty liver without attention, without recovery, it is likely to gradually change into moderate, severe fatty liver.相关的主题文章:

Jimmy Lin sun twins son bath, like a father like a brother

林志颖晒双胞胎儿子浴照,一个像爸爸一个像哥哥 鏋楀織棰栧効瀛? span>鎹彴婀惧獟浣撴姤閬擄紝鏋楀織棰栧拰鑰佸﹩闄堣嫢浠粨濠?达紝鍏堟槸鐢熶笅闀垮瓙Kimi锛?15骞村簳鍙堣繋鏉ュ弻鑳炶儙Jenson鍜孠yson锛?ヤ负浜嗗簡绁濆井鍗氱矇涓濇暟绐佺牬6600涓囦汉浠ュ強鍙岃優鑳庡効瀛愭弧10涓湀澶э紝鐗瑰湴鍒嗕韩鍙岃優鑳庡効娉℃尽鐨勫彲鐖辨ā鏍凤紝骞朵釜鍒垎鏋愬嚭2涓効瀛愮殑涔犳?э紝绯诲垪钀岀収鏇濆厜绔嬪埢铻嶅寲浼椾汉銆? p>鏋楀織棰栧効瀛? span>鏋楀織棰栦负浜嗗簡绁濆井鍗氱矇涓濇暟绐佺牬6600涓囦汉锛屼互鍙婂弻鑳炶儙鍎垮瓙婊?涓 湀澶э紝鐗瑰湴鍙戞枃璐村嚭鍎垮瓙浠殑绮夌孩娉℃场娴寸収锛屽苟鍒嗕韩2涓疂璐濆効瀛愬湪瀹朵腑鐨勪範鎬э紝“Jenson鐪嬪埌浠?涔堥兘寰?鍢撮噷濉炲皾涓?灏濆晝鍟冪湅锛屽閲岀殑閬ユ帶鍣ㄩ兘鏄粬鐨勯娇鐥?”锛岃?孠yson鍒欐槸鍋氫粈涔堥兘灏忓績缈肩考锛屼粩缁嗚瀵熸瘡涓簨鐗╋紝“鍍忎釜姗$毊绯栦竴鏍烽粡锛屼笉鑳界寮?浠栬韩杈瑰崐绉掗挓銆?”鏋楀織棰栧効瀛? span>鐓х墖涓紝Jenson鍜孠yson娉″湪婢$泦涓紝闇插嚭鍙埍绗戝寮?蹇冪帺姘达紝鐢婚潰鏇濆厜绔嬪埢铻嶅寲浼椾汉锛屽紩鏉ヨ澶氱矇涓濆ぇ璧炵浉褰撳彲鐖憋紝“鍩哄 洜澶己澶?”銆?“涓?涓儚鐖哥埜涓?涓儚鍝ュ摜”銆?“涓?瀹朵汉鐨勯鍊奸兘瓒呴珮”锛屽紩鍙戜笉灏戣璁恒?? p> 鏋楀織棰栧効瀛? span>鏋楀織棰栧彂鏂囷細“绮変笣绀兼潵鍜紒涓哄簡绁濆弻鍠滐紝寰崥绮変笣閲忚揪鍒?00涓囧強灏忓疂璐濅滑婊″崄涓湀鍜紒閫佺粰澶у浠栦滑鐨勭矇绾㈡场娉℃荡鐓э紒Jenson鐪嬪埌浠?涔堥兘寰?鍢撮噷濉炲皾涓?灏濆晝鍟冪湅锛屽閲岀殑閬ユ帶鍣ㄩ兘鏄粬鐨勯娇鐥曪紝鐪嬬殑鏃㈡棤濂堝張瑙夊緱鍙埍锛並yson鍒欐槸浠?涔堥兘灏忓績缈肩考鐨勮瀵熸瘡涓簨鐗╋紝鍍忎釜姗$毊绯栦竴鏍烽粡锛屼笉鑳界 Liao Xi Han GUI Kun? Bifurcatio Ya crepe clothes or something, "Man Zha adze? Ya Tu Dao hammer’s down fabric相关的主题文章: