One week two games! Beware of these pits on Saturday ca1477

One week two games! Saturday when betting need to beware of these "pit goods" Middlesbrough so powerful defense of the how to break? This Monday the two-week tournament, the big week in central and the joy and sorrow. The dense schedule, and the upcoming international match day, so the weekend is full of changes. We must do homework before the bet, in case where only the Yankees and repeat the mistakes of the week in the real cold flat? [see] winning lottery prediction to improve the small Manchester VS Middlesbrough strong defense against Middlesbrough in the Champions League just perfect "revenge" Manchester City, Saturday will be promoted against Middlesbrough in the home court. Regardless of the strength or track, the blue moon is dominant. But can not be ignored is that although Manchester City out of the shadow of many previous games, but the melon’s tactical system is still being polished. The visiting team is for the championship, but 1 wins 3 flat 1 negative record on the road, not too bad, the last two at Middlesbrough, but also has draw with West Ham and Arsenal, visible good defensive strength. Small strength index, although Middlesbrough attack is not high, but the defense score as high as 77, ranking in the Premier League team. Chelsea Chelsea’s recent form VS Everton Chelsea in Saturday’s match against Everton, trailing, nearly 3 times the two teams played against Chelsea in 1 flat 2 negative, without a win. But since the changes after 343, the Chelsea League 4 game winning streak, and has a big win over Leicester and Manchester united. The general state of the team to give Chelsea the visible, small state score is as high as 93 points. Everton in the stunning opening, 4 consecutive rounds extremely, such as lifting and Toffees away fighting, Koeman also need to cost a lot of brains. Although Everton is strong, but in the face of growing blues, afraid to fight the force. After the Bayern VS Hoffenheim League two Lianping, Bayern in all competitions scored 5 game winning streak, the Bundesliga BANBA back on track. But the visiting Hoffenheim is not a good class, after the start of the 4 Lianping Hoffenheim, nearly 5 rounds of matches, including the ghost sword teams in Leverkusen, Schalke this tradition. Another point, although Bayern home record is good, but the disk is not high. Although the two popular far, but Bayern wants to win tonight is not easy, and even may lose points. Hamburg VS Dortmund anecdotal joke, hamburgers every year to do three things to lose the echelon, in Hamburg Dortmund "is the result of a year than a year, but against Dortmund," North King "is often an amazing burst of fighting, nearly 8 times the two teams played against Hamburg 5 wins 1 flat 2 negative, including 3 wins, 1 unbeaten home court. On the road wheel, Dortmund cold flat by Gore, gave the first integral opponents of the new season, the face of the current round of win Hamburg, Yellow Black Legion is not again "sacrifice"? The other focus of the game, Atletico away has always been "robbing" the traditional royal society, lost the main striker in Naples will be nearly 6 unbeaten home court against Lazio, both teams need to guard against cold may.相关的主题文章: