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The official SDR into the basket: global financial markets expect the "Chinese dance" – Guizhou channel: original title: officially into the basket SDR: global financial markets expect the "Chinese steps" five currencies in the SDR basket weight five yuan to become "free" currencies recognized by IMF, is Chinese full participation global economic governance plays an important role in the landmark event. It will not only inject new impetus for the internationalization of the RMB, but also to further promote domestic financial reform and opening up. October 1, 2016, the RMB will officially become SDR (SDR) super sovereign currency. This is a milestone in the process of internationalization of the rmb. In the future, the RMB will play a more important role in the world economic arena, occupy more proportion in the global reserve manager’s asset allocation. Starting from the cross-border trade currency steadily towards the reserve currency, the world looking at "China dance" walked to the center of the stage, but also to higher standards and look at Chinese financial reform and opening up. The SDR on the financial reform of the RMB into the basket is not smooth, after a period of financial reform and opening up from quantitative to qualitative difficult journey. After the Asian financial crisis in 1997, Chinese of the financial system especially the banking system for the reform of the banking system make snap, toughness and ability to resist risks steadily. After the international financial crisis in 2008, China took advantage of the RMB to promote the use of cross-border trade and investment. After years of reform and opening up, the depth and breadth of the use of RMB in cross-border trade and investment continues to expand, the rapid increase of the degree of internationalization of the rmb. Ten years of sword, but still poor finishing touches". In 2010, IMF conducted a five year review of the SDR basket of currencies, saying that the yuan met the export threshold, but has not yet reached the "free to use standards"". In this review, the RMB and missed SDR. However, the pace of reform can not stop. In July 2015, the people’s Bank to promote the inter-bank bond market opening, announced that it would allow foreign central banks or monetary authorities and international financial organizations, sovereign wealth funds (central bank institutions) China free access to the inter-bank bond market, to meet the requirements of the RMB interest rate risk hedging. Subsequently, the people’s Bank of China to open its inter-bank foreign exchange market. February 2016, the people’s Bank of China to further open up the inter bank bond market. Zhou Chengjun, deputy director of the central bank’s monetary policy department in two concluded: "a series of policy logic, even if the RMB appreciation is no longer unilateral, non residents held offshore renminbi assets can also enjoy the fruits of economic growth Chinese." The condition of the basket is not mature. RMB to become the SDR currency basket, but also crossed three banks: one is required to provide the RMB interest rate and exchange rate representative representative, corresponding valuation and interest of SDR for. The two is to provide further convenience for foreign institutions to carry out clearing and settlement of RMB and related business. Three is to strengthen communication with the market, timely and accurate transmission of economic and financial policy information to better guide the market is expected to相关的主题文章: