Official allow people to settle down in the city voluntarily paid to withdraw or transfer Homestead

Official: allow staff settled in the city voluntarily paid exit or transfer of land – Beijing Beijing in October 10, the Ministry of land and resources planning division deputy director Zhou Jianchun said today that the combination of the pilot reform of rural homestead requirements, allowing the city settled personnel in the collective economic organization voluntarily paid exit or transfer Homestead, encourage norms the orderly transfer of land management right in rural. The Ministry of land and resources, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of public security, Ministry of human resources and social security, housing and urban construction department recently jointly issued "on the construction of urban construction land to increase the implementation of the views of the same size to absorb the number of settled agricultural population transfer mechanism linked to the". Five ministries held a press conference today, the main contents of the introducer hook mechanism, and to interpret the spirit of the document. Zhou Jianchun introduced, "task implementation opinions" is, by 2018, to establish the basic mechanism linked to people, the formation of linkage, the upper and lower convergence, is conducive to promoting the development of the construction of new urbanization land supply system; by 2020, to establish a comprehensive scientific and reasonable people to hook policy system, regional and urban and rural land the layout of the structure is more optimized, the level of intensive use of land increased significantly, to achieve the 100 million about the transfer of agricultural population and other resident population settled in the town for protection. Zhou Jianchun introduction, the implementation of the main measures include five aspects. First, the implementation of differentiated land use standards. Considering the factors such as urban space, urban construction land per capita of not more than 100 square meters of the town, the city settled population, 100 square meters per capita standard of new urban construction land; urban per capita level between 100-150 square meters, 80 square meters per capita in accordance with the standard current per capita level more than 150 arrangements; square meters of the town, arranged in 50 square meters per capita standard. Super large and large cities in the central city in principle, not because of the transfer of agricultural population transfer of new construction land. Two is the implementation of the overall planning and control. In the overall land use planning, urban planning and revision, give full consideration to the regional economic and social development level, land utilization, intensive land use requirements factors and the size of the population, especially the city settled the quantity and direction of population, reasonable arrangements for the new urban construction land scale. The original scale can not meet the needs of the population settled in the city, can be adjusted according to the law. Three is to improve land use planning arrangements. According to the relevant planning, more consideration of the annual number of settled into the city, a reasonable arrangement of the annual land use plan to protect the population settled in urban land demand. Fully consider the national provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) last year settled in the city the population scale, reasonable planning index decomposition; provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) under the jurisdiction of the city and county last year settled in the city the population scale according to the plan, the special index; county (city and district) in the organization of urban construction, give priority to land to absorb the population settled in the town. Four is to optimize the land supply structure. County (city, district) according to the convenience of production and life of the population settled in the city, and consider the various sectors of construction land supply, give priority to the protection of housing in particular population in low-income housing.相关的主题文章: