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Of his game player when I’m in Lanzhou longevity pot ash antique market to a collection of black sand longevity pot, high 15.5cm pot, pot bottom width 20.5cm, diameter 12cm, diameter 11.5cm, the pot body is black like paint, clean neat, harmonious atmosphere, dignified Dunhou, straight neck tall, up and down along the convex line, echoing with the recessed lid, two bend flow close to the kettle body, slender and strong, the spout end is hexagonal, the inner wall of the kettle mouth has seven holes, seal and general longevity pot is, but the bottom seal has soft handle, "Han Yufeng" full text of the two square embossed mark, the pot shoulder seat seal with printed script "ginting" word, but the original aluminum handle has corrosion fracture. Obviously, it is at the end of the Qing Dynasty Yixing Yangxian pot Shi Jinting masterpiece master. Shi Jinting (1877-1950), Ding Ding, Yixing, Yixing is known as the modern Pot Maker’s grandfather (father of Shi Fusheng) (). He was employed by "Yufeng" companies, especially good at making the longevity pot, Handmade longevity pot swept China, especially in the North (off) in favor of the teahouse. "Yufeng" for the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China Yixing pottery shop, by Wu Qinan in the Qing Xuantong two years (in 1910) was founded, the total number in Tianjin, so the products are mainly exported to the north. The early India section to "Ding Yu", the only store "Yufeng" India section for India section, gourd pattern, the middle "Yufeng" two words. The purple pottery shop management variety, a famous teapot, there are people’s daily crude large pot, and tub and other household items. The longevity pot belongs to the teapot in the faq. Due to the cheap, economical and practical and the majority of the rural people. But Shi ginting made out of the ordinary pot not only work on longevity, excellence, and business integrity. When he received the "Yufeng" 100 longevity pot orders, get a one-time 100 ocean deposit in Yixing become a favourite tale. Now the market has been very difficult to see Shi Jinting’s longevity pot. The pot body dark color such as longevity, Wujin, is the production of "Wu ash" special process dictates. "Cover ash" is to have been burnt in Yixing ceramic bowl finished material, inside and outside all bran sawdust carbon filling grass strong, once again into the kiln at low temperature (1000 degrees Celsius) two times firing, the reducing atmosphere formed locally in the kiln, the iron oxide in the mud environment and lack of oxygen carbon chemical reaction, so as to recover the ferrous oxide and the kettle body and presents a kind of traditional craft black. It is the creative practice of using pot kiln phenomenon change color pot. The sintered "cover ash" craft teapot by global support after showing like "black jade" and it is generally warm color, purple lovers and collectors sought. (Cai Yining) source: new news相关的主题文章: