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Obama held the first press conference after the election of Trump praised the "pragmatic" – Sohu news map: local time on November 10th, President Obama and President elect Trump for as long as 1.5 hours of meetings at the White House, to discuss the handover matters. China News Agency, Washington, November 14 Xinhua (reporter Zhang Yuran) local 14 President Barack Obama in the White House after the election held the first press conference, praised the president elect Trump is a "pragmatic", this is his Democratic presidential candidate Hilary campaigned heavily attacked Trump’s remarks in stark contrast. Although Trump and Obama during the campaign has frequently accused each other, but the election results came out, two people have entered the "unity" mode. 10 days after Trump praised Obama as "a good man", Obama at a press conference of 14 days "repay", said Trump has social skills, can stimulate the enthusiasm of voters, will be a "pragmatic" leader. As long as the correct choice for trump could help, and the policy to keep a clear sense of direction, which are conducive to his tenure. Obama revealed that he gave Trump’s proposal is that the election is different from the ruling, and I have been aware of this, Trump himself, he hopes to become a successful president, leading the United States forward. Obama once again stressed that the White House team is committed to ensuring the smooth transition of the government. Trump has said to him that the new government intends to maintain the core strategic partnership of the United States, but also expressed its commitment to NATO and the trans the Atlantic alliance. Since Trump won the election, the United States more than a few days of Democratic supporters and illegal immigrants took to the streets to protest, and even riots in the region. In this regard, Obama said, did not vote to support the voters of the need to recognize that the operation of the United States to make the new president of the president of Trump, people need time to adapt to the reality of the. At present, the Trump team has fully entered the transition stage before inauguration. Trump 13, announced the appointment of the chairman of the Republican National Committee rhince Puri? Perth as White House chief of staff, appointed Trump served as campaign manager for president Stephen? Bannon chief strategy experts and senior consultant. According to U.S. media reports, former New York city mayor Giuliani and former UN ambassador John Bolton? Have been included in the list of potential candidates for secretary of state, Alabama Senator Sessions was a strong candidate for secretary of defense.相关的主题文章: