Non sincere staged rose sea! Guests looks like Wallace Huo solid converter

"Non sincere" staged rose sea! Guests like Wallace Huo Sina entertainment news "to" If You Are The One stage tonight (September 24th) romantic scene turned to upgrade, "Rose Sea", caused by the Ecuador rose hit "flowers corridor" beauty to turn the audience. Like Wallace Huo’s "white boy" dancing debut, called the male guests Yan value play tonight. Three teachers interested in talking ", their humor from live in want of perfection" section. Do you want your marriage to be like your parents? Love should not be monitoring the other half…… Other topics triggered a big discussion. In addition, there will be "Almighty Lord of the dance" show amazing dancing, the debut of the new Russian sisters could not help but to dance, the atmosphere to a new climax. The "Rose Sea", "little Wallace Huo" handsome on stage tonight ushered in a special guest – Ecuador Consulate Shanghai Mr. Yan Haishu, Mr. Yan is also a special zone to the specialty of Ecuador rose, will become the site layout "rose flowers", and specifically for the male guests to create a a romantic and beautiful "flower gallery". Ecuador rose like a gigantic, contains all things in the world; fragrant smell, like all the years essence, known as the world the one and only. Countless girls have said, "if I was your only, please use the Ecuador rose to prove." In addition, Mr. Yan also specially sent three teachers of delicate rose box, and the 24 girls each prepared a box of "love" is the Eternal Rose, "If You Are The One edge to the show from Ecuador, these roses are for show gifts, is also very suitable for this romantic stage." Similar to Wallace Huo’s white boy Zhou Yi Yi debut, the appearance of high color value instantly attracted the attention of the audience. At present, he is doing overall in Shanghai an educational institution, because there is a famous face, was friends called "the false face of Wallace Huo". Every time out will decorate a little, some makeup, walking in the street star full range of children, return rate is very high. The girls do not have to the guests launched daozhui offensive from Turkmenistan goddess level guests asked Mary card, "there is no male guests to the overseas development plan?" Zhou Yi truthfully responded, "for the time being there is no such intention." Nevertheless, Mary card still stick to light until last. The last part, Zhou Yi to the candidates questions, "two people look good and interesting which is more important?" Huang Lan blurted out, of course, more interesting! The longer two people are together, the more confident you will be that fun is more important than good." In this regard, the host Meng Fei agree, "a lot of people after a little life experience, will find the" good "is very difficult to share, and" interesting "is two people can share, there is a hand flu. ‘nice’ belongs only to you, ‘fun’ is for two people. And a good time for a long time is not good to look good, but interesting will be more interesting." What are the answers to the candidates? In the end who answered the most small Wallace Huo satisfied? Three teachers fun chat "in want of perfection" humor "are you willing to self dissecting their marriage)相关的主题文章: