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Development and Reform Commission: the growth rate of 6.9% is not the pursuit of good performance in high speed the afternoon of February 3rd, the State Council Information Office held a news conference, Mr. Xu Shaoshi, director of the National Development Committee and attended the press conference to introduce on 2015 China economic situation and social development. When asked how to treat the 6.9% growth last year, said Xu Shaoshi, recently held in Davos in winter, in addition to pay attention to the fourth industrial revolution, is also very concerned about the economic situation of China. I just said, 6.9% of the growth rate in the global point of view is a good performance, but we still have to look at in a comprehensive way, this 6.9% growth rate should also be placed on the premise of a new normal understanding. First of all, 6.9% is still in line with growth expectations. Our projected economic growth in 2015 is expected to be around 7%, so 6.9% is in a reasonable range. We have to see another problem, China’s economy has continued to grow for more than 30 years, more than $10 trillion scale, and now GDP growth of 1 percentage points, which is equivalent to 5 years ago, an increase of 1.5 percentage points, 10 years ago, an increase of 2.6 percentage points. Economic growth is cyclical, and China’s economy turns to medium and high level, which is in line with the law of economic development. I also want my friends to look at the speed of 6.9, in the context of the new normal. Second, 6.9% of the growth rate is achieved in the depth adjustment of the world economy and low growth of economic and trade, it should be said that it is also a great effort. The world has not yet got rid of the deep impact of the financial crisis so far, the world economy and world trade both grow at a low speed. Developed economies are also two speed development, the U.S. economy is better, but it was only 0.7% in the fourth quarter of last year, 2.4% of the year. The euro zone and the European Union are more than 1%, not 2%, and Japan’s economy is no more than 1%. So the developed economies are also developing at double speed. Emerging economies are being differentiated and developed, the structure is better, can effectively cope with the current fluctuations in the financial market and commodity prices fell, the structure is not very good, it encountered great difficulties, so in differentiation. In this case, China’s economy will naturally be affected, because China’s economy has been integrated into the global economy. Our last year’s foreign trade, in dollar terms, exports fell by 2.8%, imports fell by 14.1%, imports and exports fell by 8%, which is closely related to the global market. Third, 6.9% of the growth rate is achieved in the context of accelerating the transformation and upgrading. The traditional driving force is weakening, but the new impetus is breeding, in the new and old power conversion process, 6.9% of the growth has not been easy. So, I always feel that, as long as the employment is relatively sufficient, prices can be stable, we do not pursue high speed, 6.9% is also a good performance. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

发改委主任:增速6.9%是不俗的表现 不追求高速度   2月3日下午,国务院新闻办的新闻发布会举行,国家发展和委员会主任徐绍史先生出席发布会,向大家介绍2015年中国经济形势和社会发展的有关情况。       在被问到如何看待去年6.9%的增速时,徐绍史表示,刚刚召开的冬季达沃斯,除了关注第四次工业革命之外,也非常关注中国整个经济运行情况。我刚才讲了,6.9%的增速在全球来看都是一个不俗的表现,但是我们还是要全面地看待,这个6.9%的增速也应该放在新常态这样一个大前提下来认识。   首先,6.9%还是符合增长预期的。我们确定的2015年经济增长的预期目标是7%左右,所以6.9%是在合理的区间。我们要看到另外一个问题,中国经济已经连续30多年持续增长,超过了10万亿美元的规模,现在GDP增长1个百分点的话,相当于5年之前增长1.5个百分点,10年之前增长2.6个百分点。经济的增长有周期性,中国经济转向中高速增长,迈向中高端水平,是符合经济发展规律的。我也希望朋友们看待这个6.9的速度,用新常态的背景来看。   第二,6.9%的增速是在世界经济深度调整、经济贸易低速增长的情况下实现的,应该说也是尽了很大努力的。全球到现在为止还没有摆脱金融危机的深层次影响,世界经济、世界贸易双双低速增长。发达经济体也是双速发展,美国经济好一些,但是它去年第四季度也只有0.7%,全年2.4%。欧元区和整个欧盟大概1%多一些,也到不了2%,日本的经济超不过1%。所以发达经济体也是双速发展。新兴经济体正在分化发展,结构好一些的,能够有效应对当前金融市场的波动和大宗商品价格的下跌,结构不是很好的,就遇到了大的困难,所以在分化。这种情况下,中国经济自然也会受到影响,因为中国经济已经融入到全球经济了。我们去年一年的外贸,用美元计的话,出口是下降了2.8%,进口下降了14.1%,进出口下降8%,这跟全球市场是关系密切的。   第三,6.9%的增速是在转型升级加快的背景下取得的。传统的动力正在弱化,但是新的动力正在孕育,在新旧动力转换过程当中,有6.9%的增长也已经不容易了。所以,我总的感觉是,只要就业比较充分,物价能够平稳,我们并不追求高速度,6.9%也是个不俗的表现。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: