National note 7 bombed again! And I got an apple computer this

National Note 7 bombed again! This time to take an apple computer U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants September 26th afternoon, some friends broke the news, and a country Note 7 explosion, is last weekend of the bombings, which is in line with Note 7 fourth fry. According to the understanding, the explosion message from @amo057283 users posting in a digital forum in china. Description of content: "mobile phone users through the purchase of the Jingdong, yesterday arrived, today is fried, good luck buddy…… bomb property development, successfully activated. "Later updates also said that he was charging with his hands and burning, and then thrown on the MBP (apple MacBook Pro notebook) above. According to the picture, the apple MacBook Pro notebook touch panel on the left part were blackened, and the users also provided charging equipment, is Samsung Note 7 original charger. In addition, @ don’t always old micro-blog released a micro-blog in the said, "some things I want to tell you, just got the country Note 7 black version explosion. ", and attach the chat: on the 25 day, someone broke the news that one of his 7 Samsung Note also exploded from the picture and had a similar explosion, burning black huge also appeared on the screen, and spread to the entire screen, mostly yellow. Mobile phone sources, netizens say is a friend in Suning to buy licensed goods. Prior to this, in the morning of September 18th, there are users in the Note 7 post bar broke the news that the purchase of China’s Jingdong Samsung Note7 coral blue version of the battery explosion occurred in use. The user said that when the accident occurred, the phone is not charging, the use of the process suddenly black screen, and then the body sway, the phone was thrown to the side after the explosion. Then the 19 day, and broke news, online again appeared in the country’s Golden Edition Note7 explosion accident. Post Bar ID @ meow star my friends said, China Golden Note7 also exploded, and placed on the two after the explosion of mobile phone. According to netizens, this is also the second explosion of the national line Note7. Editor: Shuai Cong Cong

国行Note 7又炸了!这回还搭上了一台苹果电脑 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   9月26日下午,有网友爆料,又一部国行Note 7发生爆炸,算上上周末的爆炸事件,这是国行Note 7第四炸了。根据了解,该爆炸消息来自@amo057283的网友在国内某数码论坛的发帖。   通过网友描述内容:“手机京东购买,昨天到手,今天就炸了,哥们手气真好...... 炸弹属性被开发,成功激活。“后续更新还表示,他在手上充电用着烧起来的,然后扔在mbp(苹果MacBook Pro笔记本)上面了。   根据图片来看,苹果MacBook Pro笔记本触控面板左边部分被熏黑,而且该网友也提供了充电设备,就是三星Note 7原装充电器。   另外,@不老的老回 在微博发布了一条微博表示,“有些事我想告诉大家,刚刚到手的国行Note 7黑色版爆炸。“,并且附上聊天记录:   就在25日,有网友爆料称,他的一部三星Note 7也爆炸了,从图片上看和此前的爆炸案类似,也是屏幕上出现巨大的烧焦黑斑,并向整个屏幕扩散,大部分都变黄了。手机来源上,网友称是托朋友在苏宁上购买的行货。   而此前在9月18日凌晨,有用户在Note 7贴吧爆料称,自己在京东购买的国行三星Note7珊瑚蓝版在使用时发生电池爆炸事故。该用户称事故发生时,手机并未在充电,使用过程中突然黑屏,然后机身出现晃动,手机被丢到一边后发生爆炸。随后的19日,又爆出消息,网上又出现了一例国行金色版Note7爆炸事故。贴吧ID为@喵星小丸子的网友称,国行金色Note7也爆炸了,并放上了两张爆炸后的手机图片。按照网友的说法,这也是第二台爆炸的国行Note7。 责任编辑:帅可聪相关的主题文章: