Napoleon Hill And Power Of The

Napoleon Hill And The Mastermind This article is continuing conversation about Napoleon Hills 13 Principles of Success from his book Think and Grow Rich. Mr Hills 10th principle is what he calls Power of the Mastermind. He says without power, plans are useless, because plans need power to be put into action. The kind of power he is talking about is not what we normally view as force or physically pounding something until it falls into place, but the meaning is rganized and intelligently directed knowledgeorganized effort by two or more people who work towards a definite goal. If this organized knowledge can be acquired, we need to look at the sources of knowledge. He speaks of three. 1.) Infinite Knowledge, which we discovered earlier can be obtained through the process of creative imagination. 2.) Accumulated Experience is knowledge that is recorded in books and can be obtained through attending seminars or college courses. (And now we can find almost infinite accumulated knowledge on the Internet). 3.) Experiment and Research. This can be found in the scientific fields where new facts are being studied, verified, and recorded every day. These things arent always recorded as experienced, but are reviewed and can be found in professional publications. Sometimes it costs money to obtain. In depending upon one self alone, you can see a person can run into some difficulty. So Hill introduces the Mastermind group, in which people share knowledge, experience, and research findings whereby plans can be turned into action. Hills definition of the Mastermind is basically the coordination of the different types of knowledge with harmony among the members in order to attain a common goal. It sounds easy enough, you may say, but then maybe it’s not so easy. Hill says people have to understand that the Mastermind serves goth the financial and psychological needs of its members, and this is where harmony among them is extremely important. In his book, Hill goes on to explain how an affinity (or an additional form of energy) is formed from the coordination of two minds in harmony. He also expounds upon the power of both Henry Ford and Ghandi, so if youd like to find out more about how you can utilize the power of the Mastermind, you can find Napoleon Hills book Think and Grow Rich at your library or inexpensively in an Online bookstore. Good luck in your endeavors! About the Author: As a real person, I’m a small town girl, preachers kid, raised and have lived in rural Indiana all my life. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. It took me awhile, but I also have educational degrees in business administration, psychology, and education. My work experience has included materials manager, production, office management, and buyer in both automotive and boating industries. Article Published On: – Coaching 相关的主题文章: