Mother died in a car accident 11 year old boy’s composition to see the teacher crying oboni

My mother suddenly died in a car accident 11 years old boy composition cry teacher Modern Express News (reporter Sun Xuhui) " mother, is the world all people have, Song said the mother of the child is like a treasure, the mother of the children did not like the grass, I is the "grass"…… " write down these words, the sixth grade students in Shuyang county is Dong Dong Suqian Nanyang primary school (a pseudonym). You mother was a taxi driver, a month before the morning, she accidentally washed down the river when driving, the remains were salvaged after a few days. " the family has been hiding from me, but I already know, that is I did not fall asleep when I heard. " everything is hidden in the bottom of the Dongdong, in an examination later, all thoughts of my mother and not written in composition. This article read the teacher cried, could not help but send it to the internet. Soon, Shuyang County Public Security Bureau police brigade official WeChat forwarding, moved more users. This essay touched his teachers see crying – I saw half will not look down, we all cried several teachers. The teacher in charge teacher Shen – dong dong in October 29th, in a test class, you wrote this article entitled "mother, I want to say to you.". During the interview, you teacher Ms. Shen told Modern Express reporter, at the time of composition teacher the first time this essay gave her. " I can’t see half of it, and some of our teachers are crying. " Shen said, after reading the article teachers are very touched. She is a mother, although you knew his family suffered, but also because of fear of children is difficult to accept this thing, always with the child’s father told him, did not think you will be expressed in writing. Mom, I want to say to you mother, is all the people in the world have, the song is said to have a mother’s child like a piece of treasure, no mother’s child like a grass, I was " grass ". I lost my mother 11 days ago, her mother is a taxi driver, 11 days after a bridge on Mao Wei an accident happened in the water and drowned in fishing trip, four days salvaged, at that time, my mother is dead. Mom, you don’t know that I have a lot to say to you, but you have passed away, in the five day of the funeral, I know a lot. I also understand the lyrics: mother’s children are spoiled, and the mother of the children did not like a grass like tenacious survival. I did not cry, because it is a natural way of life, since the arrangement of the road to you, you must go on, but my heart is still very sad mother gone. I have a lot of words to say, the family has been hiding from me, but I already know, that is when I sleep did not fall asleep. Mom, I am sad that you do not go well, we harmony of the family of four was tough split up, I hope you will in a few hours after the accident, then immediately rescued, but no. Mom, how I wish I can give you a nail in the coffin. Mom, you go! Nightmare open yebanche mother never came back at that time – my leg is soft, even she was rather.相关的主题文章: