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Moses Chan: innovative ideas and practical work of active service   to better serve the real economy, local leaders — yesterday (24 days), (Yunnan) stressed that the vice secretary of provincial Party committee, governor Moses Chan chaired the meeting on the province’s financial services in the real economy, in the face of the current economic and financial situation, the financial sector and to promote economic and social institutions the development of the province’s responsibility, innovative ideas, active service, practical work, to better serve the real economy, achieve a win-win, to provide a strong support to promote the development of steady growth. Moses Chan was briefed on the financial sector and financial institutions responsible speech pointed out that since the beginning of this year, financial institutions to take the initiative to serve the overall situation, innovative ideas and methods, which played a vital role in boosting the province’s economic and social development and steady growth. The province’s downtown pressure on the economy to financial institutions to withstand the severe test, to see the difficulties at the same time, also saw the face of favourable conditions, strengthen confidence, maintaining concentration, struggle together. For a long time, the lag of Yunnan state owned SOE reform, lack of innovation, transformation and upgrading of the slow pace; single industrial structure, quality and efficiency is not high, not many emerging industries; the financing capability is not strong, the financial policy and the national policy to learn enough, information asymmetry. These factors restrict the economic development, but also bring risks to financial institutions. However, with the reform of state-owned enterprises in the province, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, strategic emerging industries, investment, efforts to continue to strengthen, for the majority of financial institutions has brought a good opportunity. Governments at all levels should create a good financial environment, to help financial institutions to prevent and defuse financial risks; actively build a platform for cooperation between banks, to help enterprises solve the problem of financing, financing expensive, silver enterprises to overcome the difficulties and jointly promote the development of Yunnan. Moses Chan asked financial institutions to better serve the real economy. First, to maintain steady growth in credit. Yunnan business market, the financing capacity is weak, the bank credit has become the main financing channels, financial institutions should enhance the active service, accurate service consciousness, solve the problem of information asymmetry, the rational allocation of financial resources, make the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources. Two to reduce corporate financing costs. To be close to the needs of the real economy, not only to the good momentum of development of the enterprise, and "perfect" has the potential to funds needed to support enterprise "timely assistance", the bank will support enterprise development, with economic prosperity, financial innovation will flourish; way, help enterprises to reduce the leverage ratio, the bank achieve benign interaction mutual benefit and win-win. Three to speed up the construction of credit system. The three-dimensional development with the credit industry, the construction of interconnection of credit information of different types of financial institutions; strengthen the supervision system of financial institutions, financial fraud, punishment of insider trading, illegal fund-raising and other illegal behavior. Four to enhance their own quality. The enterprise must make law-abiding integrity as the foundation for this, adhere to the development unswervingly, enhance innovation capability and core competitiveness, to fulfill the social responsibility of financial institutions; to help enterprises to improve the ability of using financial tools, expand business development space. Fifth, strengthen the government service. Governments at all levels should strive to build a "pro" and "clear" new political and commercial relations, deepen the reform of the management system, the implementation of leading cadres相关的主题文章: