Millet app store Q3 report distribution of the 65 billion most popular live break

Millet app store Q3 report: distribution of the amount of breaking the 65 billion most popular broadcast Phoenix Technology News November 23rd news, millet app store official micro-blog today released the Q3 application reports, millet app store distribution volume has exceeded 65 billion mark. Report by the user in the application store millet download behavior analysis, covering almost all hot areas, compared to the same period in 2015, the direct application of live class Q3 become the most popular areas, showing the trend of barbaric growth. Since November 2014, the first time the amount of millet app store distribution broken billion mark, less than two years to achieve a 6.5 fold increase, can be seen through the columnar chart, the entire distribution of the growth rate is very obvious. In May this year, after the completion of millet application store 50 billion distribution volume, only three months, the overall distribution of the amount of up to 15 billion, is the fastest growing quarterly. Travel new choice: Mobell steady growth, ofo after Uber, drops a catch up from behind, users have a new choice on the way to travel, not afraid of congestion and health bicycle quickly became popular, and soon to open a new market, a cycling class App downloads also gradually increased. From millet app store data, the most fire than the v-mobile bike and ofo bike sharing two. The v-mobile bike launched earlier, downloads showed steady growth in the third quarter; but with the ofo shared bicycle, although in August 7, downloads behind the v-mobile bike, but in September ofo shared cycling App has shown potential to catch up from behind downloads, rapid growth, and completed over to Mobell cycling. As the most popular field of application. The application of live barbaric growth, the traditional pattern of mobile phone video applications stable video applications has been favored by the users, the traditional video website is also the first to enter the mobile terminal manufacturers, millet from the Q3 app store downloads report can be seen in the same period of 2015, the overall change is not big, is still Iqiyi, Youku video, video Sohu and Tencent video control and potatoes before five, only five of the seats are slightly changed, Iqiyi from second last year rose to the top of this year, Youku from top drop to second. Compared with the traditional video website App, broadcast applications this is absolutely the popular industry, this year is the All flowers bloom together. Betta live, shelves less than a year to save millet app store similar applications download list, LIVE and YY live teeth in two or three place. In addition, it is important to note that the audience live and tentacles TV growth trend is very fierce, the industry has shown a brutal state of growth. The application of VR rise, the glory of the king game the most fire VR industry is subject to the content source cost is too high, there is still no blowout, but this does not hinder the manufacturers in the mobile terminal of the App input, if 2015 was just trying to test the water, then this should be said to be the year of the rise of the VR application, 3D VR led to broadcast related the application also increased significantly, emerging App like oranges VR, Youku VR, fantasy cloud VR this year the top five. The game has been the biggest source of mobile terminal App vendors, millet application store.相关的主题文章: