Mild fatty liver to eat these foods can improve freelander2

Mild fatty liver to eat these foods can improve mild fatty liver patients must pay more attention to diet, but can not completely better according to the patient to determine, diet is a relatively slow process, in this process is likely due to the negligence of liver injury patients, leading to disease aggravated. Mainly includes the following points: 1, mild fatty liver should pay attention to the control of caloric intake, in order to make the liver cells in the gradual oxidation of fat. Under normal circumstances, the amount of heat per kilogram of body weight is about 83~104.6 kj. 2, mild fatty liver patients to limit the intake of fat and carbohydrates, per kilogram of body weight per day can supply 0.5~0.8 grams of fat, and should choose vegetable oil or unsaturated fatty acids containing food. The amount of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight per day should be controlled at 2~4 grams. 3, mild fatty liver should always pay attention to eat high protein diet and fresh vegetables. High protein foods can protect the liver cells, and can promote the repair and regeneration of liver cells, is conducive to the rehabilitation of patients, protein rich foods include meat, fish, shrimp, poultry, dairy and soy products, fresh vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables can meet the needs of the body’s vitamin, but should not eat with many vegetables and fruit sugar. 4, mild fatty liver patients usually can eat more foods containing methionine rich foods, such as millet, sesame, rape, spinach, scallops, mussels, these foods can promote the in vivo synthesis of phospholipids, the conversion of fatty liver cells. 5, mild fatty liver patients to moderate drinking water, in order to promote the body metabolism and waste excretion. In addition, mild fatty liver should avoid spicy and pungent foods, such as onions, garlic, pepper, coffee and wine etc.. Experts remind that, if they have a mild fatty liver without attention, without recovery, it is likely to gradually change into moderate, severe fatty liver.相关的主题文章: