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Mianyang driver was thrown out of the car after being crushed car insurance exclusions three insurance Wang Qiang borrowed friend Wu Fei’s car, driving on the way due to improper operation, the car and the road along the stone collision rollover, Wang Qiang was left out of the bus because of not wearing a seatbelt, and crushed the car rollover. After the incident, Wang Qiang’s parents to apply for third party liability insurance claims to the insurance company, but the insurance company believes that the driver of the Department of insurance, the insured person, can not be converted into the third and refused to pay the. Recently, after the first instance, the second instance verdict, Mianyang (micro-blog) Intermediate People’s court rejected the request of Wang Qiang’s parents. Liu Xianyou Wang Chuantao Chengdu Daily reporter Tang Xiaojun accident the driver was driving on playback relatives requires payment of three party insurance in May 28, 2014, at the age of 24, three counties (micro-blog) Liu Ying Zhen Wang Qiang, Wu Fei from a friend borrowed the car, take Chen Ping to Chongqing. Through the approach of Buddha bridge in Tongnan County, due to improper operation, the vehicle to the left side of the road, and the road along the stone after the collision, causing the vehicle to the right side, unbelted driver Wang Qiang open from the right side of the copilot window drop out after the vehicle rollover, just be under pressure in the car, causing minor injuries, Chen Ping Wang Qiang died on the spot. Tongnan County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade found that Wang Qiang bear the full responsibility of the accident, Chen Ping is not responsible for the responsibility of the Chongqing. Wu Fei, owner of the car in the insurance company to pay a strong insurance and 200 thousand yuan of commercial insurance for the three party, did not buy non deductible, the accident occurred in the insurance period. After the accident, Wang Qiang’s parents to the insurance company claims, according to the three party insurance payment. However, the insurance company believes that Wang Qiang is the driver, the Department of the car, refused to pay. The focus of the trial after being left out of the bus driver in the end is "third" after several rounds of consultations, Wang Qiang’s parents claim to no avail, so the insurance company to court. October 15, 2015, three county court hearing the case. During the trial, Wang Qiang belongs to the car belongs to the third party, to become the biggest focus. Wang Qiang’s parents believe that although Wang Qiang was the driver, but after the accident, Wang Qiang was thrown out of the bus, this time is the car personnel, should no longer be regarded as a staff car and driver, then, Wang Qiang was crushed by a car rollover, the car should belong to "third". The insurance company said, "motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance regulations" provisions of article twenty-first: "the insured motor vehicle road traffic accident caused by the car personnel, were victims of personal injuries and property loss insurance outside, the insurance company in accordance with the law in the motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance liability limits the scope of compensation". The court drivers do not belong to the third insurance companies will not be paid a trial court that Wang Qiang is the driver of the car should not be used as strong insurance and three party insurance compensation object, the plaintiff claims no factual and legal basis, the court will not support, reject the claims of the plaintiff. After the verdict, Wang Qiang’s parents refused to accept the appeal, the court should think from the legislative function of the third party liability insurance is to strengthen the protection of the rights of victims, that the case of the deceased third, ordered the insurance company compensation for the cost of 310 thousand yuan. Recently, the Mianyang intermediate people’s court made a final judgment, in accordance with the motor vehicle accident liability dead相关的主题文章: