Memory Optimizer Virus Removal. How To Get Rid Of The Memory Optimizer

Software Memory Optimizer is another type of malicious software program that will wreak havoc on .puters it attacks. It is believed to originate from professional hackers who have already tricked hundreds of unwitting .puter users across the world. What the program does is install itself on your PC and then later on try and trick you into purchasing the upgrade it offers, and it will go to extraordinary lengths to get you to do so. However, despite the claims and despite the legitimate appearance, the program is nothing more than a clever virus and it will do much more harm than good. It’s a not a functional .puter defragmenter but a malicious program that can infect the system and steal your personal information. It should be avoided at all times. In case the program has already been installed, it should be removed from your system. To maintain the safety of the system, it’s best to initiate troubleshooting measures at once. Memory Optimizer is a type of malicious application known as malware, which installs itself undetected into the hard drive. Its main purpose is to trick users to buy the upgrade without providing any services. This is because the upgrades it sells are worthless. Buy this upgrade and all you are doing is giving free money and your credit card details to a group of hackers. Not a smart move. Memory Optimizer will cause many problems with your PC in its attempts to convince you to buy its "solution". These problems include inaccessibility of programs such as the Task Manager. It can also block internet connections and access to different types of files. It can corrupt files and damage settings slowing down operations. All in all, it’s a real beast of a virus. Follow the steps outlined below to solve this problem. The first thing required to stop the infection is to stop Memory Optimizer from running. If the program operations are halted then it cannot infect any more .ponents or do any more damage. To do this, kill the process by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the Task Manager. When the Task Manager window has opened up, go to the Processes tab and look for this process: [random].exe. Select the process and then press the End Process option located at the bottom of the window. This should help prevent any more infections in your system. If you are having trouble opening the Task Manager, you will need to use either a program known as rkill, or else enter Windows in the diagnostic Safe Mode to halt the virus processes. However, it’s not just enough to stop the application. Its directories also need to be removed. These are the files and settings that make Memory Optimizer work. The infection will simply return next time you reboot if they aren’t removed. To do this, browse over drive C and then look for this directory: %Programs%/Memory Optimizer There might be other folders related to the program, if so, select these as well. After selecting the necessary files and folders, press Shift+Delete. Instead of just sending them to the Recycle Bin, these directories are removed from the system once and for all. All of the above solutions can be performed by a great little antimalware software program if you prefer. For much faster results, and indeed a much easier process, download and install a program like Frontline Rogue Remover, which is a tool that has been specially created to fight rogue applications like Memory Optimizer. Frontline Rogue Remover is very easy to use and will fix all of your problems in seconds. To see how you can Remove Memory Optimizer by using the tutorials on our website. You can Click Here 相关的主题文章: