Mahogany prices into the normal stage autobots

The price of mahogany growth stage at present normal mahogany raw materials are generally imported from Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, due to the frequent climate disasters and continue to have the relevant import and export regulations promulgated and implemented, greatly affected the normal supply of mahogany raw materials. Rosewood and limited resources, timber market demand for long time, but it will cause grow with each passing day, the extreme scarcity of mahogany raw materials, it also contributed to the price rises again. The recent finalists red sandalwood hedgehog convention, September 2014 -2015 China customs statistical data show that in August, the total value of imports of China hedgehog sandalwood origin are: Nigeria 38%, Garner 18%, Gambia, Ivory Coast 11%, 8% Benin 7% Togo, Guinea Bissau, 5%, Mali, Sierra Leone’s 1%. Although the source material is more, however, in addition to Garner, Gambia, other countries about the hedgehog red sandalwood is difficult for endangered card. Especially in Nigeria and Guinea Bissau, there is still a lack of an endangered certificate authority. Analysis of the industry, further tightening of the supply of new goods sandalwood hedgehog will lead to the material price adjustment. However, mahogany prices are not only the phenomenon in recent years. Data statistics, from around 2000, the price of raw materials has been about 15 times higher, the higher the rate of increase in quality is amazing. And this phenomenon is not limited to the red branch of this rare species. In the finished product market, prices also rose about 10 times. In this regard, the vice president of Chinese classical furniture Specialized Committee Yu Hongyan, rosewood species are import and export restrictions is one of the reasons the birth of mahogany market price, because the resource itself has been very scarce mahogany, so the price is represent the general trend. Mahogany prices also allow collectors began to focus on mahogany furniture. In recent years, mahogany furniture has become a favorite of consumers favorite collection, the price has been rising. However, due to the high cost of making a lot of manufacturers will not easily make the hands of raw materials into products. In this regard, the industry has predicted that mahogany products may be more refined development, more sophisticated technology, more high-end direction of development, the future of mahogany furniture will be the main high-end products. And this will also be a lot of small mahogany furniture production enterprises are facing a new development bottleneck. Source: China timber network  相关的主题文章: