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Marketing The explosion of Freebies market is a very interesting phenomenon in recent years. These are sites that let you win free stuff such as money, houses, real estate, vehicles, mobile homes, boats and yachts, mobile phones, aswell as PDAs. Also .puters, consumer electronics such as Flat Screen televisions, Home Theater Systems, Home audio systems, kitchenware, home furniture, fax machines, printers, scanners and other totally free stuff. But remember that though these are freebies,(that is, you don’t pay cash for them), you can’t get anything for nothing. You have to provide something! To get free stuff, these sites often require you to carry out a task, such as filling out a survey, answering some critical questions, or providing a product review. Today freebies require reading through a brochure and answering some questions, entering a promotional draw, or at the very least entering your personal information such as Name, Address, phone number and Email address to qualify for the draw. Some sites give you free useful stuff just for filling out the form. It could be a promotional coupon, or a discount on a purchase. In this case, every person would get a free sample or free stuff. In other situations, not everybody would get something. But they all enter a promotional draw where a few people will win gobs and gobs of free stuff. The first prize may be a house or a vehicle. If it’s a water related product, the first prize may be a boat or yacht or water sports equipment or boat accessories and products. If the .pany is a motor vehicle related .pany, a person could win vehicle freebies, such as accessories, gasoline, free services and maintenance, discounts on purchases of vehicle related products. If the .pany deals in textbooks and school supplies students would win a lot of student free stuff such as textbooks, stationery, school supplies. If the .pany deals in wedding related products, such as tuxedos, and bridal outfits, bouquets, photographs or if it’s a hotel or inn, the couple could win lots of free wedding stuff such as free bridal gown design and stitching, free tuxedo, free bouquets, free photographers, free video, as well as free limousine service or free hotel ac.modation in the honeymoon suite. They could also win cool freebies for their home such as furniture, cookware, kitchen utensils and equipment, consumer electronics as well as decorative items and handicraft items. .panies that deal with baby products may carry out a survey or promotion, and those that participate may be offered baby freebies such as diapers, cot, carrying basket, back carrier, stroller, bottles and baby powder, baby cologne, baby soap, baby oils. If it’s a baby and childrens food .pany, the .pany may give free stuff for kids such as baby food, childrens beverages and food items, childrens clothing items, and other products offered by the .pany. In return, the parents would need to fill out a survey or try out a new product. Sometimes a .pany launches a new product, and they may offer a freebies sample to consumers for them to try out. These products could be food items, beverages, cosmetics, perfume, body care products, childrens products, or baby products. Consumers who try out the free stuff sample are encouraged to purchase the full sized pack of the new product. .panies don’t give away these freebies because they love the customer. This costs a lot of money for the .pany but they have to offer these samples to create awareness among customers and educate them on benefits of new products, or gather customer data to make products effectively. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: