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Automobiles Discover how consumers have lowered their cost of gas to unheard of levels. One consumer paid 89 cents, another paid $1.09. They used a method that everyone uses all the time. they just applied it to gas. In Ohio, Marion paid $1.09 per gallon when she bought gas. She was able to fill her Jetta for $12.45. The same week Kellie paid 89 cents per gallon when she filled up. You may be asking yourself how that is possible? Marion and Kellie paid those remarkable prices because they looked at gasoline prices like smart consumers look at other items. The reason that those consumers, Marion and Kellie, could purchase gas at those prices is because they bought gas like they would buy any other item. They found a frequent buyer program that enabled them to lower their gas price. They shopped around and they found a way to buy gas at a place that had the absolute lowest price. They found it at Giant Eagle markets,a chain of supermarkets. This grocery chain has stores in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. A new addition to the frequent shopping program at Giant Eagle is called Fuelperks. It provides the consumers discounts on gas at Giant Eagle’s own gas stations, the Get-Go chain. Shoppers get a 10 cent price reduction per gallon for one tank fill up for every $50.00 of purchases in Giant Eagle stores. If one purchases $100.00 of items a 20 cent reduction is earned. $500.00 of purchases gets $1.00 off a gallon. If a consumer spends enough in the stores it is possible to get gasoline for free. The prices in Giant Eagle stores are the same as other groceries in the area so they are not making up the discounts by gouging on grocery prices. Likewise the Get-Go price on fuel is in line with .petitors. That means that this program produces real world savings, not artificial savings. A big family that buys a lot of food every week will earn big discounts very quickly. You don’t have to shop at Giant Eagle to lower your gas price. It can be done anywhere. You just need to be a smart consumer. You need to do your homework. If you approach your buying gas the same as other items that you buy you can save. Look for the lowest prices for gas as you would look for the lowest prices on other items you buy. Look for frequent shopper deals in your area that might include savings on gas. Where ever you see a pump be sure to look for gas discounts and frequent buyer programs . Many gas stations now have frequent buyer programs that are new. Other places to look for bargains are places in your locale that are new to selling gas. In order to .pete with the new grocery gas stations many gas convenience stores are beginning to implement frequent shopper programs that will result in lower gas costs. But more and more traditional stores that never sold gas before are realizing that discount gas is a big incentive to get shoppers. Giant Eagle is one example of a traditional grocery store branching out to sell gas at a discount. According to the Food Marketing Institute, just 18% of grocery stores built in 2003 had gas pumps; last year, more than 60% of new stores were built with gas stations. They have seen the value of offering gas to their customers as a loss leader. The mega stores like Wal-Mart / Sam’s Club are getting into the gas business in a big way. Putting gas pumps at every Sam’s Club is what the VP in charge of fuel for Wal-Mart is looking to do. That means lower gas costs for all of us. .parison shop all the time. Look for discount fuel programs at places like big box retailers or grocery stores. Always watch for low prices and deals. Approach gas like other .modities you purchase. Locate the outlets that have the program you deem the best for you. If you do this, you could find yourself filling your car up and only paying 89 cents per gallon. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: