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Live up to 10 years! Auto configuration – Sohu car disappearing car [secret secret produced] 50 years ago, when the car and now look far, performance and configuration models compared with now and a world of difference, but with the development of science and technology, everything is faced with upgrading, in the car, a big change it is the problem of energy, but some of the classic car configuration due to the use rate and convenience, we will gradually withdraw from sight, become a part of history. The current car market, mainly in the low-end models of halogen lamps, high brightness and low energy consumption and short service life, but the price is cheap; secondly slightly some high-end models using with lens xenon headlamps, brightness high energy consumption is moderate, but the intensity of delay; in some high-end models in common to the popular LED headlamps, brightness and long life energy consumption low, currently about 100000 models are beginning to collocation. In the next few years, automotive halogen lamp and xenon headlamps are in danger of disappearing, with the rise of LED lamp technology, laser lights or even rise, will bury the xenon headlamps, because of its better lighting effects, and more energy saving. Before the car was invented, the mechanical key is there, but in the automobile not long after the mechanical key is used in the automobile body, until now, there are hundreds of years of history, the complex structure of mechanical keys from a simple pattern to the later, and then to a few years ago, the chip key. The remote control device to increase before, now with a remote control, the key is hidden in the form of all stop progress. At present, with the trend, the low-end cars have begun to use keyless start, mechanical key as an alternative way to be used in cannot but when the trend is quite clear, I believe that before long you will achieve universal keyless start time. Come straight to the point, a problem: "how long you haven’t bought the CD disc?" This is an awkward question, even if you still can not extricate themselves from the physical carrier of the touch, CD disk decline year after year, the circulation is sufficient to prove that the end of its production has come. The disappearance of CD, the disappearance of the CD market, the disappearance of the CD player is only a matter of time. Early in the car listening to music on the radio, and later with the tape, then CD, then a portable player audio interface, these are the product of a step by step evolution, up to now, 90% cars in the car set up Bluetooth playback function, and some people the songs of the tool from the original Walkman into a mobile phone. CD is accompanied by 50 – after 80 years of wind and rain through the road, is an indelible indelible memories. It used to be part of the attitude of life, even now. However, it has gradually disappeared in the new configuration list, will not come back. The turn of the century, apple LED flash player family, CD carrier took twenty years to set up the Empire destruction, car manufacturers have also learned from this process, car audio storage and decoding of the best solution — yes, flash, no mechanical movement of flash memory. Since then, belong to the car CD player.相关的主题文章: