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Sports-and-Recreation An easy method to produce some extra horsepower out of a performance engine is to reduce the engine .partment heat. Modern day exhaust wrap products can easily achieve significant reductions in the temperature that limits engines of their full potential. The top exhaust wrap product available in stores is currently titanium exhaust wrap. This exhaust wrap is made from crushed lava and offers the most thermal control benefits. When .pared to glass fiber exhaust wrap rolls, the advantages of the increased titanium exhaust wrap temperature ratings are normally worth the extra price. Installing titanium exhaust wrap is usually very simple. The exhaust manifolds do not need to be removed and the rolls are easily wrapped around the exhaust pipes with quarter inch overlaps. Where the wrap begins and ends must be secured with a high temperature clamp. A newly installed wrap will smoke a little on its first use, but will stop after a few minutes of the engine operating at its normal operating temperature. Another benefit of titanium exhaust wrap is that the finished wrap does not need to be coated with silicone. Glass fiber wraps, on the other hand, must have an exterior coating of silicone to protect the wrap from dirt and road debris. It can often be hard to spray silicone on an installed exhaust wrap, which is the reason why installers find it best to install titanium exhaust wrap. With its optimal thermal rating, a properly applied titanium exhaust wrap may drop engine .partment heat by 50% or greater. This reduction in heat can provide enhanced horsepower while shielding expensive engine .ponents which are sensitive to the harmful effects of extreme temperatures. Titanium exhaust wrap rolls are normally for sale in most auto parts stores. Online stores often sell a wide selection of exhaust wrap rolls at lower prices and can save the installer some money. The benefits of titanium exhaust wrap are important enough to justify this cost when the installer considers how reduced engine .partment heat may improve horsepower and protect costly engine .ponents from the harmful effects of extreme temperatures. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: