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Kindergarten homework is bad for parents, teachers, parents who? Sohu news network, Beijing, October (reporter Zhang Ni) – 28 parents, there are activities in the park on Friday, the need for children to prepare Halloween costumes, hats, masks, magic wand……" A few days ago, one afternoon, Li Meng, who was doing housework at home, was interrupted by the news of her parents’ WeChat group. This is not the first time Li Meng received a notice from the teacher, since her daughter in kindergarten, large and small task has not broken. Like many parents, daughter in two years, she felt like hanging open like trained eighteen Wu Yi, often even said "as if to a primary school". Figure for the surveyed parents to help children make handmade works for parents "head" operation Li Meng who lives in Beijing Haidian District, is a mother of two children, the eldest daughter is a kindergarten. Originally thought that her daughter in kindergarten, their body burden to light, but she did not expect that, since the child nursery, as her parents, "homework" rather than up. The game, to do animal house pastry, fashion show…… The kindergarten from time to time there will be a new task, how to create new styles to help children complete "work", let her mother also has a doctoral degree headache. Sometimes the teacher will take advantage of the parents when the child was assigned to the task, sometimes WeChat group notice. I had to work hard, I do not have so many ideas, you have to look up information, racking their brains to think, to do. These tasks certainly can not cope with grandparents, parents must personally battle!" Li Meng remember, the most exaggerated once, in order to give their children to do the whole night by hand. Children’s day, Halloween, Christmas, new year’s day, Mid Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and so on, every holiday nursery will have a variety of activities, the parents must be assigned to the task." Li Meng told the new network (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter, although with her daughter to do manual work is a lot of fun, but she is sometimes too busy. Work in a design company in Beijing Ms. Feng also had this experience, the son of the kindergarten often "whim" some homework, which makes her big head". Once, the teacher asked to use waste cans do by hand, because there are not so many cans at home, she had to buy two boxes of coke to the unit, let my colleagues to help finish, put the empty cans to take home for children. "I know it’s funny when my colleagues know about it." Recall these experiences, Ms. Feng himself some dumbfounding. She said, after a while children to class, she understood that there are large video clips, and she had to learn new skills". Data figure Li Ke photo hiding "foreign festival" on the one hand, parents to complete the child "homework" brains, on the other hand, some of the activities of the kindergarten also let many parents puzzled". Lady who lives in a forest in Beijing Fengtai District on the kindergarten daughter, she admitted that the teacher assignments, she is sometimes a bit disgusted. But what makes her less understand is that Wan Shengni相关的主题文章: