Japan and South Korea to ensure the comfort women inscription Heritage Review – Sohu misuse transpar ca4111

Japan and South Korea to comfort women inscription pretend to ensure Heritage Review transparent – Sohu news [Global Times correspondent in Japan Tian Hong Li Meng] Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) said 2 days before the Japanese to UNESCO submission, proposed new members attended by the representative of the "inter governmental committee" to ensure that "transparent memory Heritage" review. Some analysts believe that the move is a joint action in order to prevent Japan and South Korea will be included in the comfort of women in the world memory list to take another action. NHK said, in addition to the establishment of a "Intergovernmental Committee", Japan also put forward advice letter to UNESCO in the process of reviewing the inscription, experts should go to site visits, and the content of the original data and are maintained for confirmation. If you do not meet certain conditions, the application should be removed from the world memory list. In mid October, the Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio said that the United Nations should bear the payment yet Japan this year UNESCO and the Ministry of foreign affairs to provide voluntary contributions of funds, the total amount of about 4 billion 400 million yen. At that time, the move was seen as a number of Japanese media in urging UNESCO to improve the review system". South Korea KBS radio website, said the United Nations, Japan and South Korea is being reviewed by the civil society of South Korea and China to submit a number of civil society, comfort women included in the world directory of applications. Last October, the Nanjing massacre file included in the world memory list when triggered a strong protest in japan. According to South Korean media reported on 2, in response to the Japanese comfort women inscription block, South Korean civic groups involved in the comfort women inscription of the 1 day held a press conference in Kwangju, announced that it would conduct international fund-raising, support the inscription. Reported that the fund-raising online and offline at the same time, until October next year.相关的主题文章: