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Travel-and-Leisure Airplane food is trying to improve its image on flights by improving the quality of the food provided, having it cooked on board by a chef, and by using the very best ingredients. But ingredients are very rarely organicwhy not? Organic ingredients are substantially better for your health and general well being than vegetable than have been ge.ically modified for growth, sprayed with dangerous levels of pesticides to make them grow with fewer imperfect, and covered with additional chemicals to keep preserve their shelf life when they are shipped for delivery and stored on the shelf. For airlines, .anic foods can cause a big problem because they simply don’t a very long shelf life. They may be better for you, but don’t expect flights from Toronto to Chicago to carry any food that is freshly prepared with .anic food. It may be the case that some prepared foods that are served on aircrafts could be made with .anic foods, but with the additional price associated with .anic food it’s unlikely that there are widely used. To find out exactly what type of food goes into the food that you will be served on flights from San Jose to San Juan or flights from Los Angeles to Florence you should call the airline and ask them for a rundown down of the exact food that goes into all of their meals. You will also need to find out what goes into the first class food, as well as the business class, premium economy and economy class of food options as they’ll often be very different choices. Based on what they tell you may decide that you want to upgrade in order to get a better quality of food. Ingredient information and calorific count may also be available on the airline’s website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: