Information Norwich League Championship away than 0 5 defeat to Brighton clazziquai

Information: Norwich League Championship away than 0 5 defeat to Brighton on Saturday 025             championship; Norwich VS Liz       2016-11-05 23:00       Venue: Norwich Carrow Road Race weather: cloudy at 7 Beijing time on November 5th 23 points, the Championship League sixteenth round, Norwich will be in the home court against the visiting Liz lian. The field of the Norwich 15 Harding Park 8 wins 3 flat 4 negative, scoring 26 goals to lose 24 balls, with 27 points in the League fourth. The team nearly 6 war for the trend: the negative outcome of Ping sheng. Their last round of League away from 0 to defeat in Brighton, the team suffered a league defeat of the team, ranking also fell from the position of the leader of the League to the fourth place in the 2 place in the world cup, the team lost the game in the league, the team lost the game in the League, the team lost more than 5. The visiting team Liz of the 15 wheel zhanba 7 wins 2 flat 6 negative, scoring 16 goals to lose 15 balls, with 23 points in the League ninth. The team nearly 6 war trend: Pingfu – winner. They last round of League home court 2 0 Lectra promoted Burton, the last 9 games won fifth games, the team from the upgrade added only 1 points behind division. The two sides in the history of confrontation 17 times, Norwich, 7 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses. The two teams clash just once in the October 26th England League Cup in 120 minutes, the two sides battle into 2 to 2 level, eventually Liz united in a penalty shootout win promotion. The disk, a ball chupan home team to let the hemisphere high water disc (1.08 hemisphere a ball 0.82). Since the injection, water level fluctuations. Combined with Europe 1.80-3.80-4.75 level strong hemisphere dish open half, and water to high hanging on the wall, it can scare some money to the team, and if a ball victory can also make money bet on the half disk. With the strength of both sides and the state of Norwich, despite the recent downturn slightly, but the strength of the team is stronger than Liz, and the home court battle, will return to the Premier League in the canary is armed yongming. Combined with the SMG index 1.66-3.45-4.25, 1.66 found index also shows that the home team to win confidence, the Norwich win a big problem. SMG Shengping Fu recommended home team wins. (Tuo Pu)相关的主题文章: