In 2015, coal mine production safety accidents in Yunnan caused 16 deaths and no major accidents – C-unfccc

In 2015, Yunnan province coal mine production safety accidents caused a total of 16 people died of major accidents occurred in New Beijing, Kunming in February 23, (South Korea handsome) Yunnan Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau held a press conference on 23 2015, 11, said 16 people died in coal mine production safety accidents occurred in Yunnan Province, were down since 8, 47 people, major accidents occurred. Yunnan coal mine safety supervision bureau Party Secretary Huang Jinsheng said that in 2015, Yunnan province completed the Safety Committee Office of the State Council issued the coal mine safety production control indicators, the province’s coal mine safety production has achieved an increase in five down "good situation: coal production increased, production safety accidents, the death toll, a large number of accidents, since the number of serious accidents, coal production rate per million tons year-on-year decline in coal mine. It is learnt that in 2015, Yunnan province coal mines produced 48 million 844 thousand and 500 tons of raw coal (Industry Statistics), an increase of 4 million 535 thousand tons, an increase of 10.23%. Production safety accidents occurred in 11 cases, 16 deaths, a decrease of 8, 47 people, respectively, 42.11% and 74.60% decline; 1 accidents occurred, 5 deaths, a decrease of 1, 3 people, respectively, 50% and 37.50%; no major accidents, a decrease of 2 from the same period. Huang Jinsheng introduced, in 2015 the province’s coal mine occurred in 11 deaths, all on schedule. Approved closed accident, suggestions for party and government discipline 34 people, transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility of 4 people recommended. The accident closed after approval, in the Provincial Bureau or branch website voluntarily disclosed the accident investigation report, accept social supervision. Huang Jinsheng said that in 2016 the Yunnan Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau will focus on reducing the number of deaths in total as the goal, to start in the aspects of coal mine safety supervision, safety, emergency rescue, education, investigation and management of risks, source control, to improve coal mine safety rule of law, improve the coal mine safety risk control ability, in order to achieve the province’s coal mine production safety situation has improved steadily, the completion of a comprehensive well-off society to win a great victory to make greater efforts. (end)

2015年云南省煤矿生产安全事故共致16人死 未发生重大事故-中新网   中新网昆明2月23日电 (韩帅南)云南煤矿安全监察局23日举行新闻发布会称,2015年,云南省共发生煤矿生产安全事故11起、死亡16人,分别同比减少8起、47人,未发生重大事故。   云南煤矿安全监察局党组书记、局长黄锦生称,2015年云南省完成了国务院安委办下达的煤矿安全生产控制指标,全省煤矿安全生产实现了“一增五降”良好态势:原煤产量同比增加,煤矿生产安全事故起数、死亡总人数、较大事故起数、重大事故起数、原煤生产百万吨死亡率同比下降。   据悉,2015年云南全省煤矿共生产原煤4884.45万吨(行业统计数),同比增加453.50万吨,上升10.23%。发生生产安全事故11起、死亡16人,同比减少8起、47人,分别下降42.11%和74.60%;发生较大事故1起、死亡5人,同比减少1起、3人,分别下降50.00%和37.50%;未发生重大事故,同比减少2起。   黄锦生介绍,2015年全省煤矿发生的11起死亡事故,全部按期结案。批复结案事故中,建议给予党纪、政纪处分34人,移送司法机关建议追究刑事责任4人。事故结案批复后,均在省局或分局网站主动公开事故调查报告,接受社会监督。   黄锦生表示,2016年云南煤矿安全监察局将围绕减少煤矿事故死亡人数总量为目标,继续在煤矿安全监察、安全保障、应急救援、宣传教育、隐患排查治理、源头管控等多个方面入手,着力提升煤矿安全法治化水平、提高煤矿安全风险预控能力,为实现全省煤矿安全生产形势持续稳定好转,夺取全面建成小康社会的伟大胜利作出更大的努力。(完)相关的主题文章: