Imagine being hunted woman jumped the train head and body multiple injuries

Imagine being hunted woman jumped the train head and body multiple injuries to Washington in September 15th, a woman to take the train to go to Xi’an to visit his parents for a long time, the car body unwell, hallucinations imagined being hunted down, then jumped off the train in Fengxian territory. Police understand the situation, has carried on the patient persuasion and guidance, she finally put down the idea of "burden", one family reunion. In September 15th 15 pm, Fengxian County Public Security Bureau police station received huangniupu area in the treasure in alarm, said a bruised woman appeared in the army barracks. After receiving the alarm, the police immediately went to check the situation. The police found the woman in the army camp, found the woman head and body multiple significant trauma, the police when about she received a police inquiry. She said, she in September 14th by train from Sichuan to Xi’an, because of the feeling on the way by train someone to kill themselves in Fengxian territory after the train pulled into the toilet window glass smashed jumped out of the car, taxi, bus across the Jialing River in the water, after entering the alarm in a military camp treasure. After the police station to understand the situation, immediately contact the jurisdiction of the railway police station, and through the railway police station and the train conductor made contact. Subsequently, the railway workers rushed to the cattle shop police station. After the police inquiry, found that the Department of Anhui woman. Police determine the woman Department of long time by train and hallucinations, resulting in mind being hunted jump off the train. Subsequently, after a variety of contacts, the woman’s parents arrived at the police station at 15 am, at the age of 22, in the mid autumn night, the family finally reunited.相关的主题文章: