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Travel-and-Leisure If you are planning a weekend escape to the city of artists, continue reading I can give you some advice and tricks that will make planning your holiday in Barcelona, or any other city of the world, much easier. So what does Barcelona have to offer? Ill tell you – a lot! In the centre of Barcelona is the Plaza Catalonia. From here it is possible to walk to the Roman ruins, the medieval city and the modernist city (called Eixample in Catalan, Ensanche in Spanish), known for its square buildings with bevelled corners as well as modernist buildings. The old zone is level, while the new districts are in the high part of the city, which is slightly reminiscent of San Francisco. Barcelona is one of the favourite tourist destinations in Europe, especially on long weekends, when thousands of tourists from nearby countries escape to the ciudad condal. Barcelona is the home to a multitude of churches, monuments, buildings, streets, plazas and parks, numerous museums, modern art galleries and more than ten thousand interesting restaurants. There is an ample range of cultural offers: from concerts, exhibitions or music and cinema festivals, to fashion shows and sport .petitions. If you are looking to have the best time possible without spending too much money, continue reading. You can save on your meals (not re.mended), on culture (but for that, better to stay home), on cigarettes (very difficult for some), on partying (also .plicated), or simply save on the lodging – the best option of all! Travelling should be fun, by definition, so it is necessary to have a little money in your pocket. However do not panic, you can enjoy a wonderful holiday without spending a fortune on your Barcelona ac.modation (alojamiento Barcelona). If you spend a little time on the Internet, you can find different types of lodgings that are not expensive. You can also use some of the advice provided below. Thus you can solve the subject of ac.modation and start planning the more interesting aspects of your trip. All you really need is a bit of spontaneity and a desire to try new things Hotels, a sophisticated solution If you are planning a lavish holiday, or want somewhere very .fortable for a weekend trip, a Barcelona hotel (hotel Barcelona) is an ideal solution. There is nothing better than .ing home after a day of sightseeing to a clean and tidy room where you have a place to sleep, shower, rest and recuperate before continuing your exploration of the city. Another positive aspect is that you are free to .e and go at any time convenient for you and a delicious breakfast is prepared for you every morning. The majority of hotels can be found down the enchanting back streets of Barcelona, set right in the heart of the city, providing a great atmosphere for your holiday. Staying in a private home If you do not want to stay in a hotel, but still prefer to save money so that you can visit more monuments, go shopping or to bars you can try staying in a private home, shared with the owner. There are many people offering rooms for rent, and most can be found on the Internet. For little cost, registered members can invite tourists to spend a holiday in their house or apartment. If you are a good shopper, with a little luck you can find a very economic, yet outstanding Barcelona apartment (apartamento en Barcelona). Another advantage of this type of lodging is that guests are usually allowed to use everything in the apartment, thus you can save even more money. More and more travellers prefer this alternative, because it is cheap, original, private and pleasant. Indeed what you are looking for during your holiday in Barcelona! In addition, the caretaker can give you advice for your explorations in Barcelona – for example: places to visit, plazas with charisma, restaurants, the best shops, and much more Private holiday apartments and houses Now if you want an ac.modation with a little more privacy, a holiday apartment is the ideal lodging for you. From travellers with a limited budget to families with children or couples, a holiday apartment or a house is the best solution. You can be .fortable, while still saving money; cooking in a .pletely equipped kitchen and not eating at restaurants, as well as washing your clothes without paying extra, etc. Holiday apartments are economic because you are not paying extra for small conveniences, as you do in hotels. Holiday apartments have be.e a very popular way to travel due to all the advantages and .forts that they offer. We highly re.mend it! Lodging outside the hubbub of the centre Choosing ac.modation outside the city centre can also be very economical. If for example, you are hoping to enjoy a relaxing holiday instead of running the marathon of monument and museum visits, look for a calm, pretty and economic lodging on the outskirts of the city. Spend your money on other treats and enjoy the tranquillity outside the centre. When to travel? Remember the season Could you consider travelling in spring, autumn or winter instead of summer, when everyone else is travelling? Off season rates for apartments are half the summer rates. You can even find luxury apartments for very reasonable prices. You can enjoy a relaxed holiday in a very special place. As you can see, your holiday in Barcelona does not necessarily have to be expensive. Quite the opposite; you can have an inexpensive yet wonderful experience with little effort. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: