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Business Have you ever noticed that whenever there is an emergency it is on the weekend or after hours like at night? Especially a dental emergency. I think kids have emergencies at odd times on purpose, just to induce pure panic. If you have kids then you have had emergencies of all kinds including emergency dental. It is an experience that I would not wish upon anyone, but it is one that has happened to me. I have a certain daughter. This little girl is very busy, she seems to have odd things happen to her. Luckily, nothing life threatening. But potentially danger to her oral health. We used to live in a 4 plex, and there was a large staircase in the entryway. It served as a playroom almost, because the apartments were too small. The kids used to play on the stairs and yell and scream because it echoed, they loved that. The neighbor kids were over and they were all out there playing in the entryway. My little girl was about 3. She was, of course, leading the charge. I heard a loud noise, then my oldest daughter running in the house telling me that I better get out in the hallway. So I hurried out there and found my little 3 year-old just getting up, she was crying a little bit, but not much. The main thing I noticed was her mouth was bleeding. I ran her into the bathroom to try to find why her mouth was bleeding. Finally, after I cleaned up much of the blood. I saw that her two bottom front teeth were missing. They had popped out clean. I had my other daughter go and find her teeth, then we put them in a cup of milk. Somewhere I remember hearing that if you need to preserve teeth, that you should put them in milk. So that is what we did. Of course, it was a Saturday. I called our dentist in Sandy for our dental emergency thankfully, there was a number for emergencies. So, I finally got a hold of someone who could come into the dental office and care for my daughter. They were very surprised when we handed the teeth in milk. Apparently, not very many people know about that trick. He said that it is not meant to preserve the teeth indefinitely, but it was most helpful in this situation. He took a look at my daughters mouth and gave me two solutions to our emergency dental situation. We could leave the teeth out and she would just have those teeth missing until her permanent teeth came in or we could put these teeth back into their spots and see if they will take. Also, if we put them back they may do some damage to the permanent teeth. I at first could not decide on the oral health of my daughter. Each choice had its pros and cons. So I decided to try and put the teeth back in since it would be years before her permanent teeth appeared. The teeth popped back in and stayed. The dentist only said not to suck on anything for about a week and they should stay in. Well, they did, and her permanent teeth came as scheduled and there was no damage. Our dental emergency had a happy ending because our emergency dentist in Sandy was available and willing to provide us with professional and caring dental services. CopyCrypto: 33bf4ebcaf72b255b045d90b5fd0df8d About the Author: 相关的主题文章: