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Hubei police: female training, "Jiao Jiao girl" opening journey – Hubei Channel – Wuhan October 8th cutting short hair, wearing a green military uniform, on the training field, beautiful young women, they shouted loud slogans, firm strides, open their military journey to sa good posture. In October 8th, the Hubei Armed Police Corps soldier training squadron formally launched military training courses, training recruits sounded the assembly. "The body forward, back straight……" Since the beginning of training new recruits, many actions are not stiff, the new monitor impatiently for them to do the demonstration, talk about the essentials and corrective action. "Training is not bitter?" "No, I like to challenge myself!" 9, the training ground, Tianjin Ji new Bing Yang already sweating. An hour later, she remained motionless, and Jingzi. "From high school to college, I have participated in a lot of military training, the soldiers I worship. Today, came to the army as a soldier, training, I feel it is a challenge to me, I’ll work hard in training, enhancing basic skills, take a good first step in the army." Guizhou Yi recruit Lee hair line said. It is reported that women will be here to receive 3 months of training to grassroots communication posts, as a supplement of fresh blood". (He Zhili Lv Hao) to (Zhang Jun, commissioning editor Guan Xiyan)相关的主题文章: