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Hubei Hefeng: say "no" – Hubei Channel – Hefeng in September 30, September 28th to bullying, Hubei province Hefeng County tsubosato National Center School Students in the campus to build a harmonious campus bullying, "the banner signed commitment. The same day, the school held legal publicity activities on campus, invite the township police station to give lectures. The police with a typical case of shocking, in the case of interpretation, analyzes the reasons behind the case, to explain the laws and regulations and safety knowledge, guide students to abide by the law, to prevent bullying and other events. Site for publicity and legal security of more than 1000. More than 600 students signed commitment to campus violence to say "no". In recent years, the county primary and secondary schools "four normal" to strengthen the campus safety education, promote students’ physical and mental health, to create a safe campus. The civilized etiquette education normalization, by topic, speech, psychological counseling and other forms, promote campus fresh air, restrain students’ words and deeds, every civilized, harmonious campus everywhere about normalization inspections. School leadership, teacher, school security duty, school team and other key periods, the timing of the recess toilet and other key parts of inspections, from time to time in various parts of the campus checks, nip in the bud; safety education normalization. The use of school safety education classes, propaganda columns for teaching students how to strengthen self-protection, to enhance awareness of rights, away from bullying. To enhance students’ awareness of prevention, prevent bullying incidents, the civilized and harmonious campus. According to the Hefeng County Education Bureau responsible person, after all the elementary and middle schools "bullying" inventory and special treatment, did not occur with bullying. (Wang Zhengxi Yu Bin Yu Wen) (week: Tim, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)

湖北鹤峰:向校园欺凌说“不”–湖北频道–人民网 人民网鹤峰9月30日电 9月28日,湖北省鹤峰县下坪乡民族中心学校的学生在“拒绝校园欺凌,共建和谐校园”的条幅上签名承诺。 当天,该校举办法制宣传进校园活动,邀请该乡派出所民警进行专题讲座。民警结合触目惊心的典型案例,以案释法,分析了案例发生的背后原因,讲解了法律法规及安全知识,引导学生遵纪守法,杜绝校园欺凌等事件发生。现场发放法制及安全宣传资料1000余份。600余名学生签名承诺,向校园暴力说“不”。 近年来,该县各中小学“四常态”加强校园安全教育,促进学生身心健康,创建平安校园。文明礼仪教育常态化,利用主题班会,国旗下讲话,心理辅导等形式,倡导校园新风,约束学生的言行,事事讲文明,处处讲和谐;校园巡查常态化。学校值日领导、班主任、学校保安、护校队等定时对课间等重点时段、厕所等重点部位巡查,不定时在校园各个部位抽查,防患于未然;安全教育常态化。各校利用安全教育课、宣传专栏等教育学生如何加强自我保护,增强权利意识,远离校园欺凌。不断增强了学生的防范意识,杜绝了校园欺凌事件的发生,使校园文明和谐。 据鹤峰县教育局相关负责人介绍,此前,各中小学就“校园欺凌行为”进行了清查与专项治理,未发生一起校园欺凌事件。(汪正玺 余彬 余文) (责编:周恬、张隽)相关的主题文章: