Huang Lei opposed the early study of high school students said it was gambling ravbin

Huang Lei said that overseas students against premature gambling directed by Wang Jun, Huang Lei, Hai Qing starred in the TV series "farewell" is Beijing TV hit. The play to three different levels of family as a starting point to explore the "exam oriented education", "middle school students to study" and other topics of Chinese education in the tens of thousands of families resonate, become the topic of the recent drama. The reporter interviewed a few creative education, Huang Lei opposed the child to any country before the age of 18, Hai Qing decided that the ability of a child with the score, not the best way. Huang Lei: 18 years old not to send their children abroad a lot of Huang Lei’s daughter, 10 years old, talking about whether it will make a lot of middle school students, Huang Lei bluntly: "I firmly opposed to the child to any country before the age of 18, let her to live alone. Because she will leave you at the age of 18, and to leave very thoroughly, she will never come back. She started her life after 18 years old, so before she was 18 years old, I don’t want to leave her, she also don’t leave me, we want to enjoy together, this life of the beautiful 18 years. The second reason, adolescence, parents are the best teachers, even if she does not listen to what you say, but more or less affect her. If you put her in a strange environment, with the students, with the new environment together, that is gambling, she may develop very well, self-reliance, you may take a fancy way of life, then you will regret it, why is this three or four years to let her go." Drama, Huang Lei almost regardless of her daughter’s lessons, including grades, homework, etc.. The life of Huang Lei is this to her daughter, "I don’t think too much to blame and management of children’s learning, don’t let her have the pressure, it is not learning it, you will be able to get out of the tube pipe, the requirement, the reminder reminder, but not so much harsh, let her but easily not interested in learning." Hai Qing: calm analysis schools teach things today if you can not enter the top one hundred, you can not enter the key high school, you can not enter a key high school, you can not enter the key university, can not enter the key university, you are in this life." The play, Hai Qing’s mother is the daughter blossoming roar quite realistic, so many people have a sense of substitution. Hai Qing said, this speech is spontaneous, "this is China now many parents anxious, they have no other better way, many employers look at education now, this is a situation, I just put this situation to say it." For the "examination oriented education", Hai Qing has his own view, "I think a lot of things are not taught in schools, I want to give the children, to calmly analyze the school to teach children what really is your children need to learn. I think life is a big classroom, don’t look like a child, the school to teach children these things, I do not accept that some things I accept, something I just say to a child, you don’t have to care about, especially with the scores to determine the ability of a child, I think is not the best method." Hai Qing is a dance school to learn how to dance"相关的主题文章: