Huainan calligraphic level examination more works such as copybook xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Huainan calligraphic level examination more works such as the Xin’an Anhui Evening News Network (Zitie) news on the morning of 17, from Huainan, Hefei, Lu’an, Chizhou, Ma’anshan and other places of nearly 500 young people gathered in Huainan calligraphy lovers field sixteen, participate in the autumn of 2016 in Anhui province (Huainan area) calligraphy examination. Calligraphy, which contains the essence of Chinese traditional culture, is the treasure of Chinese culture. Huainan City Calligraphy Association since its inception, has carried out a series of the majority of the people and young students welcome the calligraphy popularization activities, promote significantly enhance the students writing ability, aesthetic ability and cultural taste, and effectively stimulate the students learning enthusiasm, love Chinese characters of calligraphy, enhance the majority of young students the cultural self-confidence and patriotic emotion. The autumn of 2016 in Anhui province (Huainan area) Calligraphy Association of Anhui province level examination is hard Calligrapher Association and Huainan calligraphy in order to implement the "national language cause long-term reform and development plan (2012-2020)" and the spirit of the Ministry of education "school calligraphy education guidelines" organized, in order to ensure the public this time, the fairness of the examination, the Organizing Committee in strict accordance with the national standard grade exam calligraphy examination center of Ministry of education, elementary, intermediate and advanced, invite experts to life test papers. The purpose of this study is to further develop the students’ good writing habits, improve the level of writing Chinese characters, and show the great achievements of calligraphy education.相关的主题文章: