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UnCategorized As an expired domain trader looking for a good domain name, you may face a number of difficulties and challenges like fierce .petition, lightening quick registration by your .petitors and exorbitantly higher buying prices. To avoid all these hassles and to buy very good names, you can use a number of domain backordering models offered by well known backordering services. Here are some of the famous and recognized domain backordering models made available by backordering firms: First Model that offers services by individual and separate registrars: Some well-known registrars offer this model by refusing to delete the expiring domain name especially at stage 2. However, they may assign a particular name to an individual, who has paid the required fee to backorder the domain. Examples of registrars are: GoDaddy and eNom. Second Model that offers services with the help of Coordinated Registrars: This model offers a single window, application point for backordering a domain by multi-registrars. You may need to submit a request through SnapName web portal which eventually works with the registrar of a particular domain just before the final deletion. Examples of registrars are: Network Solutions. Third Model that offers services with the help of the Registry: All of us know that VeriSign controls the registry and it has the power to guarantee that any names deleted at stage 2 is redistributed to an interested buyer, who has registered to VeriSign’s much hyped Waiting List Service or WLS. Any ICAAN registered and approved registrars can offer this service. It offers you two distinctive parameters when .pared to a standard registrar type of model. a) First, registrars offer this to those people, who can opt to offer a particular domain to their customers. b) Second, only the registry has the .plete control over the names that reside in the third stage. Tip: If there are no pending backorder requests for any domains forwarded through WLS, the said name will advance to the fourth stage after which dedicated software can grab it for immediate purchase. Fourth Model that offers services by using automated registration software: You can capture those domains that pass the registry at sixth stage. Using good software, you can send electronic requests for registering a domain with the help of an ICAAN accredited registrar. However, this is perhaps the most famous model that poses you several challenges that concerns how quickly you are grabbing an expired domain name. With good software, you can post simultaneous requests at the same time. Fifth Model that offers you service by using a Multi-model Strategy: To enhance your chances of winning a good domain name, you may need to use all the above mentioned strategies and models by subscribing to respective services. However, a number of expired domain name traders are approaching VeriSign to use their WLS service to bypass the registrars, who always delete expiring domain names paid and registered through them, provided there is not backorder requests made against those domains. All these models require considerable amount of skills and dedication from you, before you can grab a good expiring domain name. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: