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Health Does the title sound like a silly question to you? Everyone knows that health is extremely important. Good health allows you to enjoy life- to live it to the fullest. Nutrition is essential to good health. There is so much junk food available now. It is so easy to grab a high calorie snack which is totally lacking in nutrition. It is just as easy to run to the fast food place for dinner instead of cooking a nutritious meal. Without proper fuel, an automobile will not give you good mileage and may eventually stop running. The same is true with the body. Keep fresh fruits and vegetables around for snacks. Take the time to fix healthy meals. Dont run out of good fuel. Another major contributor to good health is exercise. You cannot just sit and be healthy. Sorry you couch potatoes, but you need to move. Get that blood pumping. Get those muscle moving. There are many enjoyable ways to exercise. Get outside and take a walk. Go out in the backyard and play with the kids. Find a sport you enjoy (tennis is my choice). If everyone is watching television, get down on the floor and exercise. Even sitting on the couch you can do leg lifts, some light weights with your arms, or just tense and relax muscles. You will find that when you exercise, you will have more energy and feel better. The other contributor to good health is a healthy, active mind. It needs to work out just like the body does. Learn something new. That will work out your mind. I just turned 60 and I am now learning HTML. Talk about a foreign language! It has been a challenge and I still have a long way to go, but I feel a sense of accomplishment for learning as much as I have. For the last 7 years I dreamed of starting my own business. I have used my mind and researched the at home industry. A few months ago I started a business. That is a challenge also. What I have found out is that all you have to do is make up your mind and then use your mind and do it. I think most of us dream of being our own boss. Think about it. I have always tried to eat the right foods and exercise. Now that I am giving my mind a top-notch work-out I feel like I am young again. All 3 elements are in sync. LIVE.ENJOY.DREAM.GO AFTER THAT DREAM. About the Author: Enjoy your good health. Visit for a complete "Work At Home" Business Directory. The author has spent much time researching to find legitimate, low or no investment opportunities. Save your time, use .ProfitsR4U.. and Start Your Own Business Today! Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: