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Relationships Have you ever wondered how do you French kiss? When you French kiss, your senses are taken on a ride of affection, .passion, and love. French kissing is very easy to learn and master with patience, practice, and time. First of all, if you are nervous, just decide to take the leap of making the first move. More than likely, your partner is just as nervous as you are, and he or she will be more than happy that you decided to make the first move. Once you have decided this for sure, you are ready to be wel.ed into the realm of French kissing. If you are new to the world of French kissing, perhaps you should practice with something first. As weird as this sounds, practice really does work. Try licking a soft serve ice cream cone or lick your hand. This same motion of your tongue should be used while you are French kissing your partner. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, thus, you should do this until you feel like your confidence is built up enough. On the contrary, if you feel like you have summoned up enough confidence to kiss, then feel more than wel.e to bypass this step of kissing. Some basic tips that people take for granted are keeping your eyes shut and tilting your head either way. The reason you should keep your eyes shut is to minimize awkwardness between you and your partner. In addition to this reason, closing your eyes also helps you stay focused on how the kisses are making you feel. You should tilt your head either to the right or left to avoid hitting and bumping your partner’s nose. Another basic step of French kissing is making your partner feel .fortable. Do not just start kissing him or her out of no where. You want to be sure that you are in a place where you would be .fortable for a while. If not, then your arms, legs, neck, or other body parts can be.e strained and hurt. Once you have the basics mastered and tucked away in your head, you are ready to learn how to French kiss. There really is not much to it once you start kissing. Build up the passion by lightly kissing your partner with pecks. After this has been done for a while, then just simply open your mouth, and place your tongue into your partner’s mouth. It is as easy as that. Rub your tongue on your partner’s tongue just as you would your hand or a soft serve ice cream cone. This is where your practice really pays off. Once you do this one time, just experiment for a little until you find that perfect spot for you and your partner. With these tips and tricks, you will never have to ask the question "how do you French kiss" ever again. Although you should follow these tips, do not follow them so much that your kisses feel mechanical to your partner. This will only create awkwardness between the two of you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: