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Hong Kong stocks valuation risk aversion estate gambling stocks first stabilized Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong stocks through market mechanism level2 cards Sina Finance News February 13th news according to the Hongkong Economic Daily reported   peripheral slightly rebound, the rebound remains to be seen. ? Hong Kong stocks, but peripheral stabilized, early next week, A shares, Hong Kong stocks are complex, some changes, but is expected to low volatility. ? the recent individual blue chip sector such as gaming stocks and local real estate stocks lead stabilized. Hong Kong stocks this week to bottom, the HSI has fallen to value, part of the blue chip sector such as gaming stocks and property stocks have been the first to stabilize. The Hang Seng index yesterday fell 226 or 1.2% points, at 18319 points, hit a low of nearly 3 and a half, in the index fell 2% to close at 7505 points. The turnover was 66 billion yuan. Heavy shares HSBC (00005) fell 2.8% again. Risk aversion of a week, the Hang Seng index refers to China tired and fell 5% and 6.8%, the periphery, Japan fell 11%. According to EPFR data show that from February 4th to 10 days a week, global substantial inflow of funds in money market (net inflows of $24 billion, 6 gold (Zhou Xingao), a net inflow of $1 billion 700 million, 4 and a half years high), the U.S. debt, and the outflow from the stock market, which is a reflection of the past week rose abnormally high risk aversion. At present, the external market is hot global negative interest rate policy to stimulate the economy, the effectiveness of European banks and oil price situation, will turn out to be a major crisis, the test of time. Last night, the periphery recovered slightly, until 10:45 last night, a rebound in oil prices above, more than 6% to 27 U.S. dollars more than 9% yen, Deutsche Bank rose fell to about 112.8, the U.S. debt and debt interest rate also rose. Looking ahead, oil prices, the trend of European bank stocks and the trend of the yen remain the focus. The valuation of Hong Kong stocks cheap external stabilized, the night 10:45 last night at 18400 points, up 28 points from the beginning of next week is expected to stop the decline, and showed a pattern of low volatility. The Hang Seng index trend, with a high closing yesterday failed to reflect the counterattack efforts, friends are still weak, the rebound is still heavy resistance. In addition, A shares next week will affect the trend of Hong Kong stock market. From the valuation point of view, the Hang Seng Index and country refers to the account rate (PB), has dropped to 0.97 and 0.76 times, reached the crash level, reflecting the valuation. Part of the large blue chip sector such as gaming and local real estate stocks, recently has been the first to stabilize, enlightenment of the Hong Kong stock funds not one-sided bearish, should continue to pay attention to such plate movements, once the further stabilization of the plate or Hong Kong stocks, is expected to carry out rebound waves, and outperform. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion 港股估值便宜避险情绪高涨 地产赌股先回稳 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   新浪财经讯 2月13日消息 据香港经济日报报道  外围略为反弹,反弹力度仍待观察。   ?港股方面,外围回稳,但下周初A股复市,令港股有一定变动,但料于低位震荡。   ?近期个别蓝筹板块如濠赌股及本地地产股率先回稳。   港股本周继续寻底,恒指现时已跌至价值区,部分蓝筹板块如濠赌股及本地地产股已率先回稳。   恒指昨日再跌226点或1.2%,报18319点,创近3年半低位,国指跌2%收报7505点。成交金额660亿元。重磅股汇丰(00005)再跌2.8%。   避险情绪高涨   总结一周,恒指及国指分别累跌5%及6.8%,外围方面,日本曾跌11%。据EPFR数据显示,2月4日至10日一周,环球资金大幅流入货币市场(净流入240亿美元,6周新高)、黄金(净流入17亿美元,4年半新高)、美债,并从股票市场流出,此反映过去一周避险情绪异常高涨。   现时,外围市场正热议环球负利率政策对刺激经济的成效、欧洲银行及油价形势,是否会酝酿成重大危机,有待时间验证。昨晚外围略为回稳,至昨晚10时45分,油价反弹逾6%至27美元之上、德意志银行回升逾9%、日圆回落至112.8左右、美债及日债孳息率亦回升。展望而言,油价、欧洲银行股走势、日圆走势仍是焦点。   港股估值便宜   外围回稳,夜期昨晚10时45分报18400点,上升28点,启示下周初有望止住跌势,并呈低位震荡格局。走势上,恒指昨日未能以高位收市,反映好友反攻力度仍较弱,反弹阻力仍重。另外,A股下周复市,亦会影响港股走势。从估值上看,恒指及国指的市帐率(PB),已回落至0.97及0.76倍,达股灾水平,反映估值便宜。   部分大型蓝筹板块如濠赌及本地地产股,近日已率先回稳,启示港股资金并非一面倒看淡,宜继续留意此类板块的走势,一旦港股进一步回稳,上述板块或有望开展反弹浪,并跑赢大市。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: