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Henan Gushi a student is the reply to sign the agreement to solve the Chinese brawl youth network October 8 Beijing Xinhua (trainee reporter Wu Yang Li Yongpeng) recently, Gushi County of Henan Province, a campus violence caused social concern. According to previous posted in a 1 minute video display, a dormitory students on a white coat students brawl, 1 minutes played 3 climax, seven or eight students together and will be the 2 time the cuff and kick, thermos bottle pound hit boy, even the boys continued to beat the belt. October 7 Nikkei media reports, the incident caused widespread concern. In previous reports, informed sources said that the campus violence is caused by the child was hit by a flying stool, while a girl was hit by the bench. The girl’s boyfriend will vent resentment to be beaten boy. In October 8th China youth network reporter saw an inscription that Lin Chen Zhen 1 junior middle school, which is called " September 29, 2016 morning recess, nine (2) class X and the class Liu Li CH jokes cause conflict at 12:10, Lee ordered X classmate Yang C (accomplice Liu CH) to the bedroom, was waiting there, Li X, Wang PC and other classmates gang fights for a minute, the Yang Chao ordered the week J recorded video, to the students, to the video spread, this incident led to Liu CH suffered multiple bruises, black eyes, October 1st to the hospital to check, no right, the school is under investigation. " ", the school will be the gathering of students, judicial and legal personnel to invite students to carry out the legal publicity " October 8th, China youth network reporters call the Gushi County Education Bureau staff, the staff said the situation is not clear. Reporters in accordance with the telephone provided by him, linked to the incident occurred in Chen Linyi, President of the school, said Xu Gangjian, the school has an inescapable responsibility. At present, the matter has been completed by the public security organs mediation, the two sides of the parents of the public security department is more satisfied with the mediation. Beating students and parents have been beaten to apologize. The boys have beaten rehabilitation back to school, is the school psychological counseling. The school has adjusted its class and the environment. For beating students, the school will do further processing, for serious cases of students, schools and parents to sign a disciplinary agreement to jointly manage students. Principal did not disclose details of the agreement to reporters.相关的主题文章: