Henan, a new repair ten million bridge guardrail cracks officially called ordered to repair – new ne-douke

Henan new repair million bridge guardrail official said the crack has been ordered to overhaul – Beijing new network in Zhengzhou in February 20, the government of Henan province (Liu Peng) Shangqiu city news office 20, informed the foreign, on Yucheng County of Shangqiu city Wang Anzhuang net exposure sluice Bridge opened to traffic in March over the fence there cracks, concrete impaction the wood and cement off one thing, the local has ordered the construction unit overhaul. After the expert survey that the above problem does not affect the overall quality and safety engineering. The day before the media reported that the territory of Henan County in Yucheng Zhang Ji Zhen Wang Zhuang newly built sluice bridge, opened in only three months under the condition of a plurality of different degrees of cracks in the cement barrier, and many cracks scattered around the cement block. A large amount of cement was found in the joint between the guardrail and the screw used for fixing. Many cement blocks on the guardrail have been outward rising and cracked, and then they were found to be filled with wood blocks. Local people do not understand this, and questioned whether hidden mystery. The head of the supervision department of Shangqiu Water Conservancy Bureau has been interviewed before, the rebuilt Wang Anzhuang flood gate is one of the reinforcement projects, with a total investment of more than 6000 yuan, which has not yet been checked and accepted. The construction direction of the said cold weather caused the rift system, to be warm days to repair. For the wood found in the cement, the person in charge did not make an explanation. 20 morning, the Shangqiu municipal government information office by the official micro-blog reported that, after the incident reported by the media, the Shangqiu Reservoir Construction Bureau in the morning of February 16th to organize personnel to investigate the scene. After investigation, the bridge steel guardrail bottom bolt cement off phenomenon, the Department of construction during the loss caused by floating slurry; the upper part of the guardrail concrete embedded strips, internal support fixed template system construction, during construction at night because workers left, supervisors did not discover the cause of cracks; Department of bridge guardrail appear at both ends of foundation uneven settlement produce. The project Department of the construction team indicated that the floating slurry on the upper part of the embedded steel plate should be cleaned up, and the embedded wooden strips should be removed, and the concrete with high grade concrete can be blocked and the concrete at the crack ends of the guardrail should be cut off, and the concrete will be re poured according to the change drawing. The above work will be repaired before the end of February 20th, and pursue responsible person. Informed that, by the Construction Administration Commission, relevant experts to Wang Zhuang reservoir site survey, through access to relevant drawings, and asked the construction supervision personnel, think the problem does not affect the overall quality and safety engineering. Shangqiu municipal government information office director Xia introduced to reporters, strictly speaking, no acceptance is equal to the project has not been completed, is not allowed to open to traffic. In the acceptance of the problems found, can be modified within a time limit. Including the acceptance after another year warranty period, if there is a problem, the construction party has to unconditionally modify, quality." (end)

河南一新修千万大桥护栏裂缝 官方称已责令修整-中新网   中新网郑州2月20日电(刘鹏)河南省商丘市政府新闻办20日对外通报,关于网曝商丘市虞城县“王安庄泄洪闸大桥”通车三月之余出现护栏裂缝、混凝土内嵌塞木条及水泥脱落一事,当地已责令施工单位进行整修。经专家查勘后认为,以上问题对工程整体质量和结构安全不造成影响。   有媒体日前报道称,河南虞城县张集镇境内新修的王安庄泄洪闸大桥,在通车仅三个月的情况下,主桥水泥护栏出现了多条不同程度的裂缝,且裂缝周边散落许多水泥块。护栏与用于固定的螺丝嵌合处发现有大量的水泥脱落。护栏上多处水泥块已经向外涨裂,拨掉后发现里面塞有木块。当地百姓对此表示不解,并质疑其中是否暗藏玄机。   商丘市水利局监管科负责人此前受访时介绍,重修的王安庄泄洪闸是除险加固项目的一项,共投资6000余万元,目前还没有验收。施工方向其介绍称裂痕系天气严寒造成,待天暖时再去补修。而对于水泥中发现的木块,该负责人并未做出解释。   20日上午,商丘市政府新闻办经官方微博对外通报称,上述事件经媒体报道后,商丘市水库建管局于2月16日上午组织人员赴现场展开调查。经调查,大桥钢管护栏底部螺栓处水泥脱落现象,系施工期间水泥浮浆脱落造成;护栏上部混凝土内嵌木条,系施工时固定模板的内部支撑,因夜间施工期间工人遗留,监理人员未及时发现造成;护栏两端出现的裂缝系桥头基础出现不均匀沉降所产生。   施工方项目部表示,将清理预埋钢板上部的浮浆,同时清除内嵌木条,用高标号混凝土封堵,以及凿除护栏两端裂缝部位混凝土,按变更图纸重新浇筑。以上工作将在2月20日前修整结束,并追究相关责任人。   通报称,受建管局委托,相关专家赴王安庄水库现场查勘,通过查阅相关图纸、询问施工和监理人员,认为所述问题对工程整体质量和结构安全不造成影响。   商丘市政府新闻办夏主任向记者介绍,严格来说没有验收就等于工程还没有完成,是不允许通车的。“在验收中发现问题,可以限期修改。包括验收以后还有一年的质保期,如果出现问题,施工方都有要无条件去修改、保质的。”(完)相关的主题文章: