Hefei will add 3 Wetland Park in Chaohu Peninsula to create the largest ornamental flowers agogoktv

Hefei will add 3 to build the largest wetland park in Chaohu peninsula city watching reporter learned from the Hefei Department of Lin Yuan, Eastern Hefei, North and South will have important wetland park. Chaohu million acres of super large wetland park — Chaohu Peninsula wetland park planning has been released, will build China’s largest city ornamental resort; Feidong County town east area of Feidong Liangyuan Wetland Park will be built, the park will retain long-term agricultural production form the natural landscape; the Luyang National Wetland Park planning a total area of 4240.9 nearly 70% hectares, the park area is a wetland. Feidong Dongjing Wetland Park — including three kinds of domestic Liangyuan town Feidong County wetland Chuhe canal slowly shed, beautiful scenery, tube Bay Reservoir wide surface, like a crystal pearl inlaid in the vast sea. Recovery of all things spring, the spring, the river becomes warm in spring ducks, flocks of birds passing water, bring a breath of spring; summer bloom, a piece of lotus, lotus, sunset, a boat drifting across the water waves, do not have a style; autumn fruits, a piece of golden reeds in the autumn the breeze; winter, snow lotus, elegant, highlighting the power of life. The beauty of four times, all without exception, is a generous gift of nature. The Anhui East Feidong National Wetland Park is located in Feidong County of Anhui city in Hefei Province, the planning area, and relates to Liangyuan town Yang Dian Xiang Pai Fang Hui manchu. The total planning area of 664.24 hectares, of which the wetland area of 380.91 hectares, wetland rate of 57.35%. The wetland in Wetland Park is divided into three types: marsh, river wetland and constructed wetland, and the wetland is composed of herbaceous swamp, seasonal river and pond wetland, which are of three types. There are 86 families, 241 genera and 331 species of vascular plants in the wetland, and there are some national I protected wild plants in the wetland. The diversity of vegetation community provides a good habitat for the animals in the wetland. In the tube Bay reservoir surrounding wetlands, 14 families and 31 orders of birds were recorded in 107, the Little Swan II national key protected birds, Anhui provincial protection 25 kinds of birds, such as the common cormorants, egrets and egrets fish; a total of 5 orders and 9 families 27 genera and 31 species of amphibia; animal 1 orders 4 9 species of reptiles; a total of 2 orders, 3 families and 7 species, of which the soft shelled turtle is the IUCN Red List is listed as a vulnerable level. Chaohu Peninsula Wetland Park — to create the largest city ornamental cross Chaohu temple in the office, Huanglu Town, Yang Town, located in the northern part of Chaohu Peninsula, Chaohu Peninsula Planning National Wetland Park planning a total area of 1052.1 hectares, the West Temple office, south of Chaohu, Binhu avenue to the north, East, Yang chicken Yu River, the area of 623.45 hectares of wetlands, wetland was 59.2%. Including the Luxi wetland, river wetland, Yang flower, river wetland, river wetland, Binhu chicken Yu Road inside area etc.. Various types of wetland park with rivers, ponds, lakes, animal and plant resources constitute their unique wetland landscape bright and colorful. A total of 75 vascular plants were investigated in the planning area相关的主题文章: