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Guangzhou coach compliments: Shenzhen is the team title rivals Shenzhen team four team won the season opener in Guangzhou Nanfang Daily News (reporter Peng Bo) CBA new season the first round, the Guangdong Derby brighten. 30, CBA new season first round game continues, Shenzhen’s home court against Guangzhou team Marco Polo securities, Guangdong derby for the new season kicked off. Staying Pago 25 points and 9 rebounds, 8 assists, three double performance, leopards team narrowly by 110 to 106 victory over the dragon lion dance team made a good start. The two teams played in the preseason, when the leopard team won 8 points. The Shenzhen team before the three day firmly controlled the situation, leading up to nearly 20 points. The distal small Guangzhou team of foreign aid Ryan sudden force, led the team will be reduced to 3 points difference. The key moment for the use of the free throw leopards help stabilize the situation, the final victory. The Shenzhen team this season, the biggest change is the replacement of the two foreign aid, Brown left the season before the frequent criticism, instead of his Pageben game show their team consciousness. When he attacked the first pass, when the attack is difficult, he can hit the buzzer shot. Break the ball is also dazzling, often help his teammates off easily. "He very hard, his assists and scores make me satisfied, the organization of great help to the team." Wang Jianjun said after the game. 25 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists, pagoclone by data showing the versatility he. Fierce leopard team also changed a few seasons ago "into also Brown, be defeated also Brown" embarrassment, depth was put to good use. But the performance of the Shenzhen team is not stable, smooth attack can not run through the audience. The fourth section in the choice of attack Pargo than before three day, decreased the defensive intensity plus team, the difference is reduced to only 3 points. This is where the leopard needs to improve in the next game. Last season, Shenzhen ranked ninth, Guangzhou (Foshan dragon lion) ranked first, the new season only lost to the fierce leopard team 4 points, showing the progress of the Dragon lion. Foreign aid is also the same as the replacement of the new season of the biggest changes in Guangzhou. Small foreign aid Ryan get the highest 39 points, but he seems to be able to see a little shadow of Brown. Foreign aid Cook’s offensive ability than last season’s foreign aid better, Asian foreign aid Bahrami became the team’s second points. The comeback was sidelined for more than a year of Zhu Xuhang, he had 6 points and 10 rebounds, he might have been coach of praise. "We played good, the opponent is always the strength of the top team, their team ranked in the top four in the league. The players are working hard and believe they can learn a lot from the game." Dragon Lion commander in chief.相关的主题文章: