Fuzhou to carry out a comprehensive clean-up cleaning staff day and night dredging security access winavi video converter

Fuzhou to carry out a comprehensive clean-up cleaning staff day and night dredging security access Fuzhou daily (micro-blog) September 17th news (reporter Liao Yunlanwen photo) at 3 yesterday afternoon, 61 North Ocean Village Tea Garden Street, on both sides of the road there are still a lot of garbage sludge need to intensify the removal, along the road more than 50 cleaning staff is working with the mechanization of forklift trucks, garbage trucks, expansion comprehensive clean-up operations. The road is the most serious in Fuzhou City waterlogging area, according to the prediction of workers will also work continuously to today’s 2 points to complete the cleanup work completely. The cleaning staff Huang Guangyu told reporters that his family rented in a nearby village on the first floor, 15, the home was flooded, everything in the home did not have time to move away, but he did not take into account the small house of self-help, but consciously participate in 61 along the road after the disaster removal work. Huang said, all the workers like him from 15 am to 4 points to 16 at 2:30, only the middle of the rest of the two or three hours, on the 16 day 4 will continue to work. At noon, they eat lunch on the roadside, in order to ensure the completion of clean-up work as soon as possible, will continue to fight, according to the estimated number of on-site sludge accumulation, to work all the way to 17 points, 2 points. Jinan District sanitation system responsible person, influenced by the "Meranti" typhoon, tea garden street 61 North Road Waterlogging is very serious, a large area of mud covered road garbage about 30 cm thick, the road not smooth. As at 16 o’clock in the afternoon, sanitation workers have cleaned up to 150 tons of sludge garbage. Jinan District Urban Management Bureau of the more serious waterlogging sections, including 61 Road, Hualin Road, Xiufeng Road, Station Road, Fang Lu, Xia Fuxing Road, Fuxing Road, arrange the rubbish 92 vehicles, personnel 1095 people. As of 16 May 4, a total of 1484 tons of waste sludge removal, 1159 rain wash clean. >相关的主题文章: